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10 May 2018
Volume 19 Issue 5

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What Would Your Career Have Been Without SETAC?

Ruth Hull, Chair, SETAC North America Endowment Fund Board of Trustees

This article was prepared on 28 April, which happens to be International “Pay it Forward” day. Although that day has now passed, it is still a good time to reflect on the good fortune in our lives, and how we can “Pay it Forward” to others, any day.

Rebecca Dalton
Santa (Larry Kapustka) and his elf (Nile Kemble) lend their helping hands during the Endowment Fund fundraiser last fall at SETAC Minneapolis.

Consider for a moment how you have benefited by having SETAC in your life. Without SETAC…

  • Would you have found that job out of graduate school or even met your professor who trained you to go out and have gainful employment?
  • What would your job have been had SETAC not been around? Without that networking and science learning, would your promotions, bonuses, awards and general fulfillment have been what it is now?
  • Would you have been as prepared to handle some of the conversations in meetings that you have had, and with what outcomes? Would you have been as successful?

So…when you look back upon your SETAC career, can you put a value on what you have now compared with what could have been without SETAC? Hear from some who can.

If you can do this in a general way, I am certain that you can find a figure appropriate for a financial donation to the SETAC North America Endowment Fund that targets just those types of activities that you have been enabled to do by being a member of SETAC. Dig down into your memories or look at testimonials from those probably not that much different from you who have experienced SETAC’s support provided by the Endowment Fund.

If you donated 10% of that value either in a one-time donation or a pledge over some period of time, you would be paying back for your career and paying forward for opportunities for others who are just starting their careers.

Consider approaching your employer regarding matching contributions; several organizations match their employee’s donations to the Endowment Fund, potentially doubling your gift. In this way, those who are members of SETAC, and who have benefitted from their membership in ways that also provides value to their employer, can be actively involved in keeping funding support in place for future students, early career professionals and others supported by the Endowment Fund.

For all you online shoppers, remember you can also support the fund via (instead of the regular Just select “SETAC North America” as your charity of choice, and Amazon will contribute a small percent of each sale as a donation at no extra cost to you.

Please give now to support the Herb Ward Challenge to grow the Endowment Fund to $400,000 by the 40th Annual Meeting, which will be held from 3–7 November 2019 in Toronto, Canada. All donations are welcome; it’s not what you give, but that you give.

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