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15 March 2018
Volume 19 Issue 3

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Call for ET&C Focus Articles

Helen Callow, Associate Editor, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

Focus articles are part of a regular series in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (ET&C), intended to sharpen understanding and highlight the uncertainty of current and emerging topics of interest. We believe this type of article is critical in advancing discussion and connecting scientific research with a larger audience. Written in a succinct, magazine style, Focus articles are published for a broad cross-section of the scientific community to read, understand and appreciate the message. Each article is freely accessible to the public to ensure they are available to the widest readership possible.

Focus articles may highlight existing research, but do not primarily, or necessarily, discuss the author’s own work. They should be broad in scope and discuss a particular topic to ensure wider reaching impact components, such as policy relevance, decision-making, management, education, etc.

Each Focus article will undergo the same rigorous peer review to which all ET&C papers are subjected. They will be reviewed for a more journalistic style, a more active voice, descriptive headings, engaging figures and their ability to connect with a larger audience.

We encourage authors to include only the most critical references and employ a generous use of color figures and photos, as well as the use of sidebar material or text boxes that highlight important aspects of your paper.

Focus articles discuss an original or stand-alone topic and must include the following attributes:

  • Abstract and keywords 

  • Use of color figures and tables 

  • Use of two to three text boxes (sidebar material that highlights an important aspect of your paper, color photos or images, or an interesting piece of related information) 

  • Maximum of 7,000 words
  • Maximum of 20 references

If you have an idea for a Focus article, please contact the ET&C editorial office at Check out our virtual issue of a collection of recent Focus articles.

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