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The Impact of SETAC and Our Accomplishments in 2017
Kurt Maier
Kurt MaierAs I reflect back on 2017 and we move into 2018, I think it is important to realize what SETAC is and recognize some of our accomplishments.


15 March 2018
SETAC Rome, ColloseumSETAC Rome, Where Science Is at the Heart of This Promising Event
Paolo Masoni, Roel Evens and Rebecca Bundschuh,
The SETAC Europe 28th Annual Meeting, held from 13–17 May in Rome, Italy, is fast approaching. The scientific program is organized in 72 regular sessions with an exceptionally high number (2,556) of contributions – the highest ever for a SETAC Europe annual meeting.

SETAC Journal coversHot Papers in the SETAC Journals
Jen Lynch
We recently identified papers that have garnered the most downloads in a 12-month period from their date of publication.

Gender equalityOvercoming Bias
Tamar Schlekat and Jennifer Lynch
We talk a lot about bias as it relates to our science at SETAC, but what about other forms of bias? There is work to be done.

ERA workshop participantsIn Search for the Holy Grail: How Can We Improve Regulatory-Relevant Environmental Risk Assessments of Plant Protection Products for Soil and Non-target Organisms?
Patrick Kabouw
Sustaining healthy soil and arthropod communities in agricultural systems is of utmost importance for stopping biodiversity loss and maintaining sustainable food production. Better environmental risk assessment approaches are needed to ensure these healthy soils and arthropod communities.

Call for ET&C Focus articlesCall for ET&C Focus Articles
Helen Callow
Focus articles are part of a regular series intended to sharpen understanding and highlight the uncertainty of current and emerging topics of interest. We believe this type of article is critical in advancing discussion and connecting scientific research with a larger audience.

Reading news on smartphoneWhat Do You Read for Work Inspiration?
Tamar Schlekat
Many actual events, reported in news articles, inspire research not to mention the all-important funding. SETAC publications can be a great resource for environmental news articles and instigate professional interest.

SETAC MinneapolisSession Summaries from SETAC Minneapolis

The recently concluded SETAC North America 38th Annual Meeting, which was held from 12–16 November 2017 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was another successful meeting, attracting 1,812 delegates who could choose from 691 platform and 789 poster presentations. These session summaries provide examples of presentations and discussions during the meeting.

SETAC Rome Early Registration

Book your hotel room by 15 March for the High-Throughput Screening SETAC North America Focused Topic Meeting in Durham, North Carolina. Register for the meeting today.

Register by 20 March for the SETAC Europe 28th Annual Meeting in Rome, Italy, and save with early bird rates. Register for the mentorship program, and sign up for a training course. Register for the job event by 1 April. Submit your late poster abstract submission by 2 May.

Apply for the SETAC Europe Return to Science Grant by 21 March.

Submit a training course proposal by 16 April for the SETAC North America 39th Annual Meeting in Sacramento, California. Become an exhibitor or meeting supporter.

Submit an abstract by 16 May for the 2018 SETAC Asia-Pacific Conference in Daegu, Korea. Register by 16 July and save with early bird rates.

Submit an abstract by 13 June for the SETAC Europe 24th LCA Symposium, which will be held from 24–26 September in Vienna, Austria.

Submit an abstract by 10 September for the SETAC Europe 13th Special Science Symposium in Brussels, Belgium.

Save the date for the 2nd Central and West Africa Regional Conference from 7–11 October in Accra, Ghana.
IEAM volume 14, issue 2What’s New in IEAM
Shifts in air temperature and high-magnitude winter precipitation events in coastal North America: Implications for Environmental Assessment and Management
Colin Fraser and Scott Jackson
Volume 14, Issue 2

A new article in IEAM by Tatiana Furley et al. reports the research needs unique to Latin America that were identified through the SETAC Global Horizon Scanning Project.
ET&C cover 37:3What's New in ET&C
Factors affecting the dissipation of pharmaceuticals in freshwater sediments
Omar S.A. Al-Khazrajy, Ed Bergström and Alistair B.A. Boxall
Volume 37, Issue 3

The March issue of ET&C features a collection of papers from the SETAC Pellston Workshop® “Simplifying environmental mixtures-an aquatic exposure-based approach via exposure scenarios,” which was held in March 2015 in Valencia, Spain.
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