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12 July 2018
Volume 19 Issue 7

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SETAC Latin America: News from the Chapters

Tatiana Heid Furley, SETAC Latin America President

SETAC Brazil

AracajuDuring the last few years, Ecotox Brasil, the Brazilian chapter of SETAC Latin America, has been working to strengthen ecotoxicology in Brazil. Courses related to the toxicity of effluents, water and soil were offered to some Brazilian environmental agencies. The main goal was to help the agencies to understand the science and the requirements of the Brazilian environmental law. Some small and regional events were also on the list of tasks from the society. In a continent-sized country, small regional events are essential for connecting and engaging members on a more regular basis. Ecotox Brasil also started reconstructing its public image, looking to improve its visibility to the society. The focus here is searching for new members from academia, business and government to help grow the chapter in a tripartite manner. The new website offers considerably more information to members and additional support to Ecotox Brasil partners.

The 15th Brazilian Congress of Ecotoxicology: ECOTOX 2018 will be held from 1–4 September in Aracaju, Sergipe, Brazil. Join scientists from Brazil and around the world for four days of technical presentations, networking and intense discussion of topics of interest. The main focus of ECOTOX 2018 will be “Ecotoxicology and Society: Basis for Sustainable Development,” encouraging the discussion between academic, business and government sectors about the contribution of ecotoxicology to several environmental issues. More information can be found at

Argentina mountainsSETAC Argentina

The SETAC Argentina Chapter is celebrating its 20th anniversary. SETAC Argentina holds congresses every two years, bringing together more than 400 professionals and students performing research on environmental pollution and its effects in the country. In addition, interactions with other scientific societies of Argentina have progressed (e.g., participation of SETAC Argentina members in congresses organized by the Argentinean Toxicology Association [ATA]).

A workshop titled “The Use of Agrochemicals in Argentina, a Multisector Approach” was held on 25 August 2017 in Buenos Aires. The main goal of this activity was to promote the interactions among professionals in academia, business and government, certainly a challenging task in Argentina. In this sense, a proposal to establish a network of cooperation between SETAC members and the National Research Council of Argentina (CONICET) has been submitted and is currently under evaluation.

Since 2014, SETAC Argentina has included one student representative on its board. SETAC Argentina is committed to helping students, financing their participation in local and international congresses such as the Young Environmental Scientists (YES) Meetings.

Among the upcoming activities, SETAC Argentina is conducting the 7th SETAC Argentina Congress, which will be held from 16–19 October in San Luis, Argentina. This meeting includes the participation of important international scientists, covering several areas of interest, such as aquatic and terrestrial ecotoxicology, emergent contaminants, and others. More information about this meeting can be found at

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