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SETAC Sacramento: Bringing Social Responsibility Into the Technical Program
Michelle Hornberger and Eric Van Genderen
Sacramento skylineFun Fact: Do you know that Sacramento ranks 4th in “most hipster U.S. metro areas,” based on number of breweries, coffee houses, tattoo studios, thrift shops, music venues and bicycle shops per capita?


12 July 2018
AracajuSETAC Latin America: News from the Chapters
Tatiana Heid Furley
Discover the latest developments from SETAC Latin America’s chapters, including news on their upcoming annual meetings.

SETAC Rome awardsSETAC North America Inclusive Diversity Committee – Are You Interested?
Austin Gray, Latonya Jackson and Sharon Hartzell
Over the past few months, members of the SETAC North America Career Development Committee have been working towards forming an affinity group focused on improving the representation and experiences of various groups within the society.

SETAC StudentsStrengthening the Voice of Student Members in North America – A Deliberative Process
Jane Staveley
The SETAC North America Board of Directors has completed a review of issues regarding voting privileges and representation on the board for students. The positions of the board are…

SETAC StudentsSomething Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue
Nile Kemble
Just like the old wedding saying dating back to the 19th century, this year’s SETAC North America annual meeting offers up something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue with regards to this year’s professional training courses.

Ozark-Prairie meeting attendeesCelebrating 30 years of Ozark-Prairie
Nile Kemble
The Ozark-Prairie Regional Chapter of SETAC North America (OP-SETAC) held its annual meeting from 14–16 May at The Watershed Center at Valley Water Mill Park facility in Springfield, Missouri. The theme of the meeting was “Celebrating 30 years of OP-SETAC.”

Rome ColosseumSession Summaries from SETAC Rome

The recently concluded SETAC Europe 28th Annual Meeting, which was held from 13–17 May 2018 in Rome, Italy, was another successful meeting, attracting 2,600 delegates, who could choose from 668 platform and 1,782 poster presentations. The theme of the meeting was “Responsible and Innovative Research for Environmental Quality.” These session summaries provide examples of presentations and discussions during the meeting.

SETAC Helsinki session proposals

Register by 16 July for the 2018 SETAC Asia-Pacific Conference in Daegu, Korea. Sign up for short courses and social programs. Students can join unique activities and programs to expand their network.

Submit an abstract by 7 August for the 2nd Central and West Africa Regional Conference from 7–11 October in Accra, Ghana.

Register by 9 August and save with early bird rates for the SETAC Europe 24th LCA Symposium, which will be held from 24–26 September in Vienna, Austria.

Register by 15 August and save with early bird rates for the SETAC North America 39th Annual Meeting in Sacramento, California. Become an exhibitor or meeting supporter. Book a meeting room.

Register by 10 September for the What’s in Our Water 2018 Symposium in Canberra, Australia.

Register and submit an abstract by 10 September for the SETAC Europe 13th Special Science Symposium in Brussels, Belgium.

Submit a session proposal for the SETAC Africa 9th Biennial Conference from 6–8 May 2019 in Cape Town, Africa.

Read the latest SETAC Technical Issue Paper on Environmental Risk Assessment of Chemicals.

IEAM volume 14, issue 4What’s New in IEAM
Integrated Technological and Management Solutions for Wastewater Treatment and Efficient Agricultural Reuse in Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia
Dario Frascari et al.
Volume 14, Issue 4

ET&C cover 37:7What's New in ET&C
Review of Atrazine Sampling by Polar Organic Chemical Integrative Samplers and Chemcatcher
Kees Booij and Sunmao Chen
Volume 37, Issue 7

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