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18 January 2018
Volume 19 Issue 1

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2017 SETAC Fellows and Founders Awards Announced

Bill Stubblefield, SETAC Global Awards Chair, and Rebecca Bundschuh, SETAC Europe

Thomas Parkerton Receives the 2017 SETAC Founders Award

The SETAC Founders Award is the highest award given by SETAC. It is presented to an individual with an outstanding career in the environmental sciences. This year’s recipient, Thomas Parkerton of ExxonMobil Biomedical Sciences, is just such a person. More than 35 scientists have received this prestigious award since its inception, and Parkerton now joins a distinguished group of past recipients.

SETAC Rome Scientific Committee
Thomas Parkerton (middle) accepts his award during the SETAC North America 38th Annual Meeting last year in Minneapolis.

From his early days as an M.S. student at both the University of North Texas and Manhattan College, and later as a Ph.D. student at Rutgers University where he worked on modeling the bioaccumulation potential of non-ionic organic chemicals, Parkerton was recognized as a gifted scientist with an ability to apply multidisciplinary approaches to environmental problem-solving. His research as a student led to international recognition for his contributions towards the development and application of computer models to predict the physico-chemical fate, bioaccumulation, trophic transfer and toxicological effects of chemicals in the environment.

Parkerton is also recognized for his tireless enthusiasm for promoting and developing scientific approaches to understand environmental issues and to enlist the support of researchers from differing backgrounds and perspectives in solving environmental problems.  His devotion to understanding the fate and effects of organic chemicals and metals in the environment using multidisciplinary, multi-sector approaches exemplifies the sort of career that the Founders Award is meant to recognize.

Parkerton is a world-renowned scientist, recognized for his expertise as an environmental toxicologist, environmental-fate modeller and risk assessor, and as such, serves on a variety of national and international scientific panels. He has worked extensively throughout his career to bring scientific applications to real-world problems, while always maintaining an eye toward the implementation of practical solutions. The SETAC Awards Committee and the SETAC World Council are pleased to honor Parkerton with the 2017 Founders Award.

2018 SETAC Founders Award Nominations

In an effort to coordinate nominations and announce annual recipients on a worldwide basis, submission dates are being revised in 2018. For 2018, nominations for the SETAC Founders Award will be due by 8 February. The individual must have made clearly identifiable contributions to the development of science, consistent with the goals of SETAC. Membership in SETAC is not a prerequisite for the Founders Award.

2017 SETAC Fellows Awards Announced

SETAC Fellows are long-time members who have made significant contributions to environmental science or science policy and to SETAC. While there is no upper limit to the number of Fellows, no more than 1–2% of the membership holds this prestigious recognition. The first class of SETAC Fellows was recognized in 2013. To date, approximately 50 Society members have been recognized as SETAC Fellows. The SETAC World Council is pleased to recognize the 2017 inductees:

  • Scott Belanger
  • Timothy Canfield
  • Ronald Kendall 
  • Kenneth Leung 
  • Barnett Rattner 
  • Daniel Schlenk 
  • Wen-Xiong Wang

We want to congratulate all of the current SETAC Fellows, and we thank you for your long-standing service to SETAC. We look forward to your continuing support as leaders of our Society.

2018 SETAC Fellow Nominations

Becoming a SETAC Fellow is a great honor, and while the list of SETAC Fellows is quite impressive, we know there are more SETAC members who rise to this level and are more than deserving of this recognition.

In an effort to coordinate nominations and announce annual recipients on a worldwide basis, submission dates are being revised in 2018. Nominations for SETAC Fellows must be submitted by 1 March. To view the full details regarding eligibility criteria and the required information for the nomination package, kindly consolidate the SETAC website.

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