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2017 SETAC Fellows and Founders Awards Announced
Bill Stubblefield and Rebecca Bundschuh
Thomas ParkertonThe SETAC Founders Award and the SETAC Fellows Awards are two of the highest awards that are given by SETAC. This year’s Founders Award winner is an individual with an outstanding career in the environmental sciences. The Fellows Award winners have been recognized for their long-term commitment to SETAC and scientific excellence.


18 January 2018
High-throughput screeningHeard About High-Throughput Toxicology? Wondering How It Applies to Environmental Risk Assessment?
Dan Villeneuve and Natalia Vinas
SETAC North America is hosting a Focused Topic Meeting on High-Throughput Screening and Environmental Risk Assessment: State of the Science and Emerging Applications from 16–18 April in Durham, North Carolina. The purpose of the meeting is to provide environmental scientists and risk assessors an introduction to high-throughput data and tools.

SETAC Technical Workshop participants State of the Science on Metals Bioavailability Modeling
Chris Schlekat, Bill Stubblefield and Kathryn Gallagher
A SETAC Technical Workshop titled “Bioavailability-based Aquatic Toxicity Models for Metals” was held in from 3–8 December 2017 in Pensacola, Florida. Forty experts from academia, business and government sectors from seven countries in North America, Europe and Australia participated in the week-long workshop.

SETAC Rome, ColliseumWhy Attend the SETAC Europe Meeting?
Anna Barra Caracciolo, Paolo Masoni and Paola Grenni
It is expected that the next SETAC Europe annual meeting will have the largest number of participants, ever! With more than 2,500 abstracts currently submitted, this meeting is shaping up to be a grand event.

Larry KapustkaSenior Resource Group Spotlight: Larry Kapustka
Matt Moore
This month, the Senior Resource Group highlights the accomplishments and career of Larry Kapustka, Sole Proprietor of LK Consultancy.

SETAC Minneapolis Highlights from SETAC Minneapolis
Ryan Prosser, Mark Johnson and Lauren Kristofco
The SETAC North America 38th Annual Meeting had more than 1,815 attendees and included 691 platforms presentations, 789 poster presentations and 22 poster corner presentations. It featured 11 parallel sessions, including four that were recorded throughout the week.

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SETAC SacramentoHelping Us Train You
Nile Kemble
Have you ever thought about being a teacher, volunteer or mentor? Well, here’s your chance to do all three at the same time. SETAC North America is looking for folks willing to help with our Education and Training Courses.

Icon, credit Duke Innovation Co-LabWhat is the Role for SETAC in Bridging Alternative Testing and Regulatory Toxicology?
Matthieu Mondou and Gordon M. Hickey
The benefits and challenges associated with integrating alternative testing strategies into the toolkits of regulatory toxicology have been discussed at SETAC for more than a decade. In order to learn from these discussions, researchers at McGill University are surveying professionals who have participated in past SETAC-organized events in order to better understand policy learning and regulatory change in ecotoxicology.

Peter ChapmanIn Memoriam: Peter Michael Chapman (1951–2017)
John Giesy
The environmental science community mourns the loss of a truly remarkable and passionate environmental scientist and beloved father and husband. Peter Michael Chapman left us far too early on 26 September 2017 at his home in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

High-Throughput Screening SNA Focused Topic Meeting

Grant application opens 20 January for the SETAC Europe 28th Annual Meeting in Rome, Italy. Registration opens 22 January. Apply for the SETAC Europe Awards by 31 January. Book your booth by 31 January and save with early bird rates.

Submit a session proposal by 31 January for the 11th SETAC Asia-Pacific Meeting in Daegu, Korea.

Nominate a colleague for the SETAC Founders Award by 8 February and for the SETAC Fellows Award by 1 March.

Submit a poster abstract by 14 February for the High-Throughput Screening and Environmental Risk Assessment SETAC North America Focused Topic Meeting in Durham, North Carolina. Register by 14 February and save with early bird rates.

Submit a session proposal by 21 February for the SETAC North America 39th Annual Meeting in Sacramento, California. Submit a training course proposal by 16 April. Become an exhibitor or meeting supporter.

Save the date for the SETAC Europe 24th LCA Symposium, which will be held from 24–26 September in Vienna, Austria.

Save the date for the 13th SETAC Europe Special Science Symposium, which will be held from 23–24 October in Brussels, Belgium.

Read the Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Virtual Issue on oil toxicity.

IEAM volume 14, issue 1What’s New in IEAM
Submit a short commentary on “addressing resiliency in environmental impact assessment” by 1 March for publication in July.
ET&C cover 37:1What's New in ET&C
Hematological indices of injury to lightly oiled birds from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill
Jesse A. Fallon, Eric P. Smith, Nina Shoch, James D. Paruk, Evan A. Adams, David C. Evers, Patrick G.R. Jodice, Christopher Perkins, Shiloh Schulte and William A. Hopkins
Volume 37, Issue 1
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