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15 February 2018
Volume 19 Issue 2

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Message from the SETAC Africa President

Otitoju Olawale, SETAC Africa President

SETAC Rome, ColliseumThe year 2017 was significant for SETAC Africa, with great accomplishments despite a myriad of challenges. There was a steady growth in SETAC Africa membership as well as member participation in many SETAC conferences outside Africa. SETAC Africa successfully hosted a well-attended biennial conference in Calabar, Nigeria, with approximately 100 registrants from eight countries. The conference theme, “The Quality of African Environment: The Roles of Science, Industry and Regulators,” was unique –made by Africans for Africans. This meeting was composed of stimulating lectures and presentations on landmark scientific research, professional training opportunities and lots of time to connect with colleagues on new collaborations beyond Africa.

Communication activities within the council members also achieved success in that our monthly SETAC Africa council meetings were held regularly and efficiently. Other communication platforms explored during the year are the Facebook account of SETAC Africa and WhatsApp, which help members communicate better and share ideas that benefit everyone. Although there were no regional meetings this past year, our biennial meeting experience in Calabar is still fresh in the mind of most delegates.

This year will surely be exciting and productive for SETAC Africa. We are hoping to take our activities to a new level by integrating into our programming greater involvement by academia, industry and policy makers in Africa along with the assistance of existing and new partnerships, which will form the foundation of sustainable environmental quality and ecosystem integrity with in our geographic unit for years to come. I look forward to interacting with each of you as we work to achieve these goals and sustain SETAC in Africa for the next generation.

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