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12 April 2018
Volume 19 Issue 4

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Support the SETAC Europe Early Career Working Group

Michelle Bloor, SETAC Europe Council, and Katharina Heye, SETAC Europe Student Advisory Council

Early career professionalsDo you identify as an early career professional? If so, we need your help. SETAC Europe is establishing an early career working group to identify how we can help you with your career progression and professional development.

In the February edition of the SETAC Globe, Karel De Schamphelaere, SETAC Europe Vice President, introduced the new SETAC Europe strategic goals for 2018–2020, which included the expansion of career development opportunities as an essential SETAC membership benefit. We are looking to grow this area for our membership, and we need your input to make the right decisions and focus on what is of most interest to you. Some initial thoughts include the consideration of extending the mentorship program, organizing high-quality professional courses, increasing job-application opportunities (e.g., through events), increasing early career participation in Interest Groups and committees, and potentially providing competitive travel grants. We need to know if we are on the right path and if these suggestions are of value to you or if you think there are more pressing concerns or areas of interest that need SETAC’s support.

During the SETAC Europe 28th Annual Meeting in Rome, we organized a discussion workshop from 4:30 p.m.–5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, 16 May, in the Workshop Room, following the Student Assembly. If you’re attending the Rome meeting and want to share your ideas and experiences, or if you’d like to join the group, then please come along. If you are not in Rome for the annual meeting, please contact Michelle Bloor (Goal 7 Keeper) with your ideas, willingness to join the working group or for further information.

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