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To Be or Not To Be a SETAC Member
Greg Schiefer
Greg SchieferMembership has its benefits, and some may be obvious but others are not. With the interest in Society membership seeming to wane, why should you consider becoming and staying a member of SETAC?


5 October 2017
Larry KaputskaSETAC Minneapolis Updates
Teresa Norberg-King, Dalma Martinovic-Weigelt and Ruth Hull
With SETAC Minneapolis only a month away, catch up on some energizing new additions to this year’s program. Additionally, we have called upon someone special to help us meet the Herb Ward Endowment Fund Challenge – to grow the fund to $400,000 by the SETAC North America 40th Annual Meeting.

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SETAC MixturesMixtures Risk Assessment: Outcomes From the Recent Focused Topic Meeting
Eric Van Genderen, Mary Ann Ottinger, Thomas Backhaus, Amy Beasley, Kevin Brix, Ed Furlong and Mark Johnson
Mixtures research has become the fundamental and practical nexus between novel analytical tools, in-depth ecotoxicological studies, screening procedures and pathway-based concepts.


SETAC members, SantosSETAC Latin America Updates
Italo Braga, Helena de Assis, Karluss Thomas and Tamar Schlekat
This year, under the theme “Bridging the Gap between Science and Governance,” SETAC Latin America brought together members from academia, government and business promoting the interaction among professionals from around world. Learn about the outcomes of this latest biennial meeting, and read a summary of the preceding chemicals risk assessment and management symposium.

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SETAC Rome, ColosseumAbstract Submission for SETAC Rome Is Now Open
Paolo Masoni, Anna Barra Caracciolo and Delphine Delire
Rome in the Spring! Sounds like a great time to visit, right? SETAC Europe is actively preparing an exciting program for its 28th annual meeting, which will be held from 13–17 May 2018 in Rome, Italy.

Kuan Chun LeeSETAC Symposium on Chemicals Risk Assessment and Management Needs for Asia-Pacific
Kuan Chun Lee and Chris Schlekat
The SETAC International Program Committee, together with SETAC Asia-Pacific organized a symposium on “Chemicals Risk Assessment Approach and Needs for the Asia-Pacific Region” last year in conjunction with their geographic unit meeting.

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Barcelona tileConsequential Life Cycle Assessment for Decision-Making: Meet the Experts
Bo P. Weidema
A unique chance to meet the leading experts of the consequential life cycle assessment (LCA) community is coming up soon as practitioners gather to present and discuss their latest case studies at the 23rd SETAC Europe LCA Case Studies Symposium from 27–28 November 2017 in Barcelona, Spain.

Tech observing cress sproutSETAC Europe Participates in the European Food Safety Authority Stakeholder Bureau
José Julio Ortega-Calvo
SETAC Europe is running a process for strengthening communication strategies. Targets for these efforts range from our own members to professional societies (e.g., societies with a focus on biology or human health) who are not already in SETAC.

William AdamsSenior Resource Group Spotlight: William Adams
Matt Moore
This month, the Senior Resource Group highlights the accomplishments and career of William Adams, retired general manager and senior scientist for Rio Tinto.

SETAC Minneapolis registration

Register online for the SETAC North America 38th Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Submit a late abstract by 27 October. Download a copy of the meeting program. Book your hotel room in the SETAC housing block.

Register by 16 October for the 23rd SETAC Europe LCA Case Studies Symposium in Barcelona, Spain, and save with early bird rates.

You can still register on-site for the SETAC Africa 8th Biennial Conference, which will be held from 17–19 October in Calabar, Nigeria, and for the SETAC Africa Women’s Event.

Submit a training course for the SETAC Europe 28th Annual Meeting in Rome, Italy, by 31 October. Submit an abstract by 29 November. Become a sponsor for the meeting. Submit your volunteer application by 31 December.

IEAM volume 13, issue 5What’s New in IEAM
More for less: Analysis of the performance of avian acute oral guideline OECD 223 from empirical data
Peter J Edwards, Annegaaike Leopold, Joann B Beavers, Timothy A Springer, Peter Chapman, Samuel K Maynard, Patrick Hubbard
Volume 13, Issue 5
ET&C cover 36:10What's New in ET&C
Single and combined effects of microcystin- and saxitoxin-producing cyanobacteria on the fitness and antioxidant defenses of cladocerans
Aloysio da S. Ferrão‐Filho, Daniel de Abreu S. Silva, Taissa A. de Oliveira, Valéria Freitas de Magalhães, Stephan Pflugmacher, Eduardo Mendes da Silva
Volume 36, Issue 9
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