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2 November 2017
Volume 18 Issue 11

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The IEAM Blog Can Be Your Outlet for Science Communication

Jen Lynch, SETAC Publications Manager

Several articles in the SETAC Globe this year have focused on science outreach and communication. While this has always been an important topic, there seems to be a growing urgency and enthusiasm for science outreach and communication. One fundamental role SETAC serves is to create safe, respectful and collaborative spaces where science can be freely discussed and debated. In addition to meetings, workshops and our peer-reviewed publications, there are several other outlets for sharing news, announcements and developments in SETAC science. The SETAC Globe is a member-to-member newsletter that provides information about society events and activities. We have recently re-invigorated our Technical Issue Papers and launched SETAC Science Briefs – please watch for a future article about that initiative. Rounding out our outreach platforms, we are proud to host the IEAM blog.

The IEAM blog provides an open forum for SETAC members to use freely as an outlet for expressing their professional views and exchanging ideas and opinions that advance scientific discourse on environmental management and science topics. This includes offering commentary on journal articles and science relevant to SETAC, the global environmental science community, and environmental news media. The blog is also intended to provide SETAC members conducting research and authors publishing in SETAC journals the opportunity to elaborate further on their work. It provides a place to contextualize research with respect to current events, broader history of the research, controversies in the field and more.

We want to underscore the fact that the blog is first and foremost an open forum for SETAC members. All members, including you, are welcome to read, comment or contribute original content to the IEAM blog, which is openly accessible and written for a general audience. The subscribing audience includes SETAC members but also the “sci-curious,” those interested in the topics but not necessarily scientists by trade. Consider this an outlet for your voice. Topics relevant to the IEAM blog can include issues or research that are or will be addressed in SETAC journals and at SETAC meetings. Blog posts can also reflect discourse inspired by current events appearing in the news media, preferably with relevance to the environment and interest to an international readership.

The IEAM blog covers a diversity of topics: The most recent post discusses cost-effective environmental policies, and prior to that the topic du jour was plastic-eating caterpillars. Other topics examine algal blooms, microplastics, life cycle analysis and connecting oceans to human health.

If you are not quite ready to put yourself out there as a guest contributor to the blog, I hope you are still reading the articles. While you are there, feel free to weigh in with insight, opinions, counter-arguments, and links to relevant news items or websites. This is an open forum, and we encourage you use it.

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