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18 May 2017
Volume 18 Issue 5

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SETAC Australasia Conference 2017 – The Role of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry in a Changing Environment

William Bennett & Dianne Jolley, Conference Chairs

The Australasian Chapter of SETAC (SETAC AU) is pleased to announce that preparations for this year’s meeting, which will be held from 4– 6 September 2017 on the stunning Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, are well underway.

This conference will bring together professionals from business, government and academia to present the latest research, analyses and solutions to problems associated with an ever-growing number of contaminants in the environment. SETAC AU, with approximately 400 members (and constantly growing!), is renowned for promoting high-quality science through its annual meetings and other regular activities. This year, we will host multiple prominent national and international guest speakers, as well as researchers and students from around the world. We expect 150–200 delegates to attend this popular event.

In addition to the regular session themes, the 2017 meeting embraces the topics of marine and estuarine ecotoxicology and water quality, and will also turn its attention to the role of natural organic matter in environmental toxicology and chemistry.

The keynote speakers include a selection of internationally renowned scientists:

  • John Sumpter, Brunel University, UK
  • Susan Bengtson Nash, Griffith University, AU
  • Stephen Lofts, NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Lancaster, UK
  • Charlotte Nys, Ghent University, Belgium

We would like to encourage all interested delegates to register now to ensure they do not miss the early bird registration deadline on 4 July. We are looking forward to seeing you all in September on Gold Coast, Australia!

John Philip SumpterTony Roach Memorial Address

The Tony Roach Memorial Address is held annually in memory of Tony Roach and his notable career, honoring his invaluable contributions to marine sciences in New South Wales. We are pleased to announce that this year’s address will be given by John Philip Sumpter, OBE.

Sumpter is a distinguished professor of ecototoxicology at Brunel University, UK, where he spent most of his academic career having first joined it as a lecturer in 1978.

The team under his direction was among the first to report on endocrine disruption in fish and describe the effects of estrogenic endocrine disrupting compounds in the aquatic environment. Amid his numerous invaluable contributions to the theory and practice of ecotoxicology belongs the development of the Yeast Estrogen Assay (YES), which is now widely used in water quality in vitro screening assay batteries.

Other than estrogenic compounds, Sumpter’s team currently focuses on a wide variety of pharmaceuticals, such as beta-blockers, other steroid hormones (e.g., progestogens, glucocorticoids) and anti-cancer drugs. His team’s research ranges from studying molecular mechanisms of action of xenobiotics to ecological studies on fish populations.

He has also become concerned about the apparent poor quality of a significant proportion of published ecotoxicology research, and in consequence, he has published a series of papers covering various ways of improving the current situation. His research is highly cited: His 250 papers have been cited more than 30,000 times to date, giving him an h-index of 80. He has received numerous scientific awards, including the 2007 SETAC Founders Award.

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