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16 March 2017
Volume 18 Issue 3

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Developments from the 12th SETAC Latin America Biennial Meeting

Helena Assis, SETAC Latin America President

The 12th SETAC Latin America Biennial Meeting will be held from 7–10 September at Santa Cecilia University in Santos, São Paulo State, Brazil. This meeting will bring together members from academia, government and business to promote the interaction among Latin American professionals engaged in environmental science with colleagues from other parts of the world. The aim is to stimulate education and student participation, and to facilitate scientific exchanges among the SETAC tripartite sectors using the theme “Bridging the Gap Between Science and Government.”

12th SETAC Latin America Biennial Meeting ad

Abstract submission opened on 8 March, and topics addressing environmental toxicology and chemistry include, amongst others, molecular and cellular biology, hazard and risk assessment, and environment or human health-related issues. The committee is also looking for contributions to sessions tackling a better understanding of ecological risk assessment and environmental hazards, including use and validation of mammalian models and systems, as well as ethical issues related to environmental toxicology and chemistry and risk assessment. The deadline to submit your abstract is 19 May.

In addition, several special sessions were proposed by the academic community. The acceptance decisions will be in March.

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