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16 March 2017
Volume 18 Issue 3

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Letter from Brussels: Meet the Office Staff

Kirit Wadhia, SETAC Europe Council Membership and Public Relations Committee

SETAC Europe Council and Brussels staff
SETAC Europe Executive Director Bart Bosveld leads SETAC Europe Council and staff discussions.

In the heart of the European capital city, Brussels, a short distance from the metro station Louise is the hub from which the SETAC Europe staff implement their daily activities. On the fifth floor of an unassuming office block runs the well-oiled machinery charged with keeping this significant and important society and its members informed, engaged and involved.

Through the office windows, the urban landscape of building façades has indubitably changed and continues to evolve.  Likewise, over the years some staff turnover has inevitably been a part of this evolution. The office has seen some staff leave while new staff has been hired to fill those vacancies and to continue the work.  And in the case of the executive director position, we have seen an individual leave the position only to return when the positon became vacant once again.

At the helm is Executive Director (for the second time) Bart Bosveld, no doubt well recognized by SETAC Europe annual meeting attendees. Equally familiar to members is Barbara Koelman, Office and Meeting Manager. The modus operandi of the office activities and interaction between staff reflects a productive team managed under a fair and inspiring regime.  Healthy rapport between staff clearly culminates in synergistic developments.

Barbara and Roel
Barbara and Roel share an amusing moment.

The organization of the annual meeting is an important milestone and a time-consuming activity.  Roel Evens, Scientific Project Manager, ensures that the annual meeting science program is top quality, which helps to ensure a successful meeting. Veerle Vendeveire, Finances and Meeting Registration Manager, Rebecca Bundschuh, Education Project Manager, and Laura Rossy Ramirez, Membership Administration, are also instrumental in this respect. Important at the interface between the office and external marketing, Communications Manager Delphine Delire fills the role of liaison for the office effectively dealing with these outside communications.

It would be inappropriate to pigeonhole the office staff in rigid regimented roles because the virtue of this dynamic team is indeed the collaboration that exudes synergy and a willingness to support each other’s work when needed.

SETAC Europe Council and Brussels staff dinner
Productive SETAC Europe Council and staff discussions continue into late evening over dinner.

The SETAC Europe office premises serve as more than just a place housing the staff.  It provides a setting and space for both formal and informal meetings, where the venue encourages healthy interaction and supports profound developments.

Vital to the progression, continuity and advancement of SETAC goals within the SETAC Europe geographic unit is the rapport that exists between the SETAC Europe office staff and the SETAC Europe Council.  The SETAC Europe Council, comprised of elected members, is the engine that generates the momentum in formulating strategies and creating a platform for innovation and technical progress. The combination of the SETAC Europe office staff and the SETAC Europe Council helps keep the society at the cutting edge of supporting Environmental Quality Through Science®.

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