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16 March 2017
Volume 18 Issue 3

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SETAC North America Award and Fellowship Recipients for 2016

Ryan Prosser, Environment and Climate Change Canada and Chair of the SETAC North America Awards and Fellowships Committee

Each year, SETAC North America and the Endowment Fund acknowledge the hard work and achievements of student and regular members by presenting a number of professional and student awards. We would like to acknowledge the 2016 recipients of these awards.

We are also accepting award applications for 2017. If you know of somebody who deserves recognition, please submit an awards application. Self nominations are welcome.

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Professional Awards and Fellowship

Bryan Brooks
Bryan Brooks

Eugene Kenaga SETAC Membership Award

This award recognizes SETAC members who have provided leadership and development opportunities to the members of the society. This award was presented to Bryan Brooks from Baylor University. Brooks is a dedicated advocate for SETAC, especially among students and early career scientists, and a leader of the Global Horizon Scanning Project.

David Janz
David Janz

Outstanding Regional Chapter Member Awards

This award acknowledges the contribution of a regional chapter member to the development or functioning of the society at the regional chapter level. The award was presented to David Janz from the University of Saskatchewan. Janz was instrumental in development of the Prairie Northern Chapter into one of the most active chapters in SETAC North America.

Chistine and Thomas Custer
Christine and Thomas Custer

SETAC Government Service Award

This award recognizes exemplary dedication and service by a scientist toward promoting the collective application of environmental toxicology and chemistry to risk assessment in a government function. Th award was presented to Christine and Thomas Custer of the U.S. Geological Survey. The Custers have been working in the field of avian toxicology for more than 40 years and have been a major force in aquatic and wading bird ecotoxicology for decades.

Nature Vision

SETAC/Menzie Environmental Education Award

This award acknowledges an individual, group, organization or corporation for a significant contribution to environmental education. The award was presented to Nature Vision. Nature Vision is a nonprofit, environmental education organization that works with school and community groups to foster appreciation and stewardship of the environment. Nature Vision reaches approximately 65,000 students a year in urban, suburban and rural communities.

The SETAC/Menzie Environmental Education Award was renamed in 2017 in honor of Stephen Klaine. Klaine was a dedicated educator, researcher and advocate for SETAC.

Chantilly Higbee
Chantilly Higbee

SETAC/EA Jeff Black Fellowship

The fellowship is presented to an exceptional master’s-level student in the field of environmental toxicology and chemistry. Th 2016 fellow was Chantilly Higbee from Eastern Washington University.

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Members Receiving Presidential Citations

Presidential citations are awarded by the SETAC President in recognition of exceptional service or contributions by members throughout the year.  Presidential citations were awarded to the following members:

Anne Alix
Co-Chair Orlando World Congress Program Committee

Emma Lavoie
Global Awards Committee

Graeme Batley
Global Awards Committee

Kuan-Chun Lee
Co-Chair Asia/Pacific Biennial Meeting Singapore

Brian Brooks
Global Horizon Scanning Project

Sue Robinson
Scientific Affairs Manager Search Committee

Tim Canfield
Co-Chair Orlando World Congress Program Committee

Alan Samel
Scientific Affairs Manager Search Committee

Michelle Embry
Scientific Affairs Manager Search Committee

Ross Smith
Scientific Affairs Manager Search Committee

Anne Fairbrother
Co-Chair Science Integrity Sub-Committee

Karluss Thomas
Chair International Programs Committee

Cindy Howard
Co-Chair Orlando World Congress Program Committee


Student Travel Awards

SETAC North America and the Endowment Fund are committed to making it easier for students to attend the annual general meeting to present their research and get involved in all that SETAC has to offer. A total of 144 students received support for travel to the SETAC World Congress in Orlando, FL in 2016.

SETAC North America Endowment Fund

  • Carlos Barriga Vallejo, Autonomous University of Nuevo León
  • Kristen Bridges, University of North Texas
  • Krittika Mittal, McGill University

Kevin Johnson Memorial Award

  • Chelsea Willis, University of Alberta

Learn more about student travel awards.


Student Presentation Awards

At the 7th SETAC World Congress/SETAC North America 37th Annual meeting in Orlando, Florida, 255 students presented their research in the form of a platform or poster presentation. The students of SETAC did a great job presenting their work, which made it very challenging for the committee to choose winners for the student presentation awards. These are the winners for 2016:

Undergraduate Poster

  • Tara Early, Appalachian State University
  • Grace DeWitt, University of Maryland
  • Paige Jacob, Marist College

Undergraduate Platform

  • Annie Krueger, University of Wyoming
  • Kyle Roush, Texas Christian University
  • Gunnar Nystrom, Texas Christian University

Masters Poster

  • Kendall Scarlett, Oklahoma State University
  • Rachel Leads, College of Charleston
  • Sylvia Chow, University of Lethbridge

Masters Platform

  • Austin Gray, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • Julie Reinling, University of Quebec
  • Julie Krzykwa, Texas Christian University

Foster (Sonny) Mayer PhD Poster

  • Marissa Giroux, University of California Riverside
  • James Sanders, University of Maryland
  • David Dreier, University of Florida

Foster (Sonny) Mayer PhD Platform

  • David Dreier, University of Florida
  • Cristina Perez, University Nevada Reno
  • Amy Gainer, University of Saskatchewan

The SETAC North America Awards and Fellowship Committee would not be able to thoroughly review all award applications and judge all presentations without our sub-committee chairs and their teams of reviewers. Thank you to Burton Suedel, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jennifer Gunderson, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), Laurel Royer, Exponent, Kay Ho, USEPA, Renee Falconer, Colorado School of Mines, Diane Nacci (USEPA), Laura Swanson (SETAC Global Membership Manager), and the many reviewers and judges.

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