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16 March 2017
Volume 18 Issue 3

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SETAC Africa 8th Biennial Conference - The Quality of African Environment: The Roles of Science, Industry and Regulators

Ikechukwu Onwurah, SETAC Africa President, and Wale Otitoju, SETAC Africa Vice President

The SETAC Africa 8th Biennial Conference is now about seven months away. The meeting will take place from 17–19 October in Calabar, Nigeria. On behalf of the entire SETAC Africa program committee, we invite and encourage every SETAC member to attend this important meeting.   

The theme of the conference, “The Quality of African Environment – The Roles of Science, Industry and Regulators” is apt considering the various reports in the media that nearly all of Africa's environmental problems are geographically variable and human-induced. These impacts are attributable to a variety of causes internal and external to the African continent. Paramount among these are the nature, use and application approaches for pesticides, mineral extraction by local, national and international entities, oil and gas development and production, as well as threats to habitats and native fauna and flora. Approaching these problems is challenging, and solutions will require considering the key scientific issues as well as socioeconomic and political dimensions. The SETAC Africa meeting provides an opportunity to consider the scientific aspects of these issues while being cognizant of all dimensions. The tripartite nature of SETAC – government, business and academia – offers a means to bridge between science and policy. To that end, you can expect to interact with scientists from within Africa and from around the world, take courses on assessing these complex risks and how to formulate management solutions, and learn about distinct environmental issues particular to various regions of Africa. Because the meeting is being held in Nigeria, particular attention will be given to oil and gas activities that have impacted the Niger Delta area. We invite you to join the scientists and regulators from academia, government and business who will address African environmental concerns through quality platform and poster presentations at this meeting.

SETAC Africa 8th Biennial Conference ad

The meeting will be held at the Tinapa Lakeside Hotel, a great location on the pristine banks of the famous Tinapa Lake. It is a few minutes’ drive away from central Calabar, Nigeria ’s oldest, cleanest and most secure city. All the rooms have free wi-fi, there is a business center if attendees need more extensive support, and a leisure resort is available for recreation, which includes nature trails, walking trails, pools, spas and more when conference attendees are not at meetings, in sessions, at poster socials or plenary talks. 

The SETAC Africa program committee and the meeting co-chairs are working assiduously to balance the geographically variable environmental issues in Africa. Further details will be accessible online after the SETAC Europe meeting in Brussels. At the moment, we have received session proposals from SETAC members from inside and outside Africa, all addressing issues on the continent, including:

  • Providing a forum for communication among professionals in government, business, academia and other segments of the environmental science community
  • Developing biomarkers for environmental monitoring, assessment and possible monetary valuation
  • Emerging contaminants’ assessment, monitoring, remediation innovations and ecotoxicological assessments

The SETAC Nigeria conference is expected to draw a record number of attendees, more than we have ever had in any SETAC Africa biennial conference, with delegates of global, tripartite representation. There will be opportunities for training, networking and learning activities. This is a crucial meeting for anyone interested in emerging research, regulatory developments and the latest methodologies in environmental toxicology and chemistry. This historic meeting is expected to cross-pollinate scientific ideas that will turn the fortunes of Africa for the better. 

Tinapa Llakeside Hotel is the safest place to be in Nigeria. We hope you can join us to attend this important meeting. You can rest assured that the excellent memory of being part of this conference will never fade away.

Important Deadlines

  • 31 March: Session proposal submission closes
  • 1 May: Professional training course submission closes
  • 1 June: Abstract submission closes
  • July: Meeting registration opens

See you in Calabar!

For more information or if have any questions, please contact Ikechukwu Onwurah or Wale Otitoju.

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