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15 June 2017
Volume 18 Issue 6

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News from the SETAC North America Mid-South Regional Chapter

Matt Moore, US Department of Agriculture

Jeffrey Wang is the winner of this year’s Mid-South SETAC Regional Chapter award for superior poster presentation (grades 7–12) at the Region VII Mississippi Science Fair, held on 22 March on the campus of the University of Mississippi.  His project was titled “Environmental Impact of Artificial Sweeteners Acesulfame, Sucralose and Saccharin in Nature,” and it focused on impacts of sweeteners on reproductive capabilities of Daphnia magna. In addition to a certificate and cash award, Jeffrey received an invitation to present his poster at the Mid-South SETAC Regional Chapter meeting, which was held from 18–19 May in Oxford, Mississippi.

Scarlett Knight
Scarlett Knight and
Kristie Willett
Jeffrey Wang
Jeffrey Wang

Jeffrey is a junior at Oxford High School, where he is also a member of the Oceanic Bowl, Science Olympiad, Science Bowl and Varsity Swim Team. Following graduation, Jeffrey plans to become a medical doctor and either perform surgery or conduct research.

Scarlett Knight is the winner of this year’s Mid-South SETAC Regional Chapter award for superior poster presentation (grades 1–6) from the same regional science fair. Scarlett’s project was titled “Ready, Set, Grow,” and it focused on effects of both natural and chemical fertilizers on plant growth. Scarlett hopes to study additional natural fertilizers in the future to help reduce chemical release in the environment. Scarlett is a fourth grader at Lewisburg Elementary School. She enjoys sewing, ice-skating, playing the piano, coloring and shopping. Scarlett’s favorite school subjects are science and English language arts. When she grows up, she either wants to be a researcher at LeBonheur Hospital or a hairstylist like her mom.

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