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15 June 2017
Volume 18 Issue 6

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New Initiatives at the SETAC Journals: figshare, Publons and ORCID

Jen Lynch, SETAC Publications Manager

The SETAC journals, through their partnership with Wiley, have recently launched new services that benefit our authors and reviewers.

In late 2016, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (ET&C) and Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management (IEAM) synched their online submission systems with Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID). Authors who register with ORCID are assigned a unique digital identifying number, which is used to connect their research contributions independent of affiliation, name or discipline. The goal is to distinguish each author from other researchers to ensure consistent, reliable attribution of their work. Funding bodies, universities and research institutes, publishers and professional associations are incorporating ORCID into their systems, which in time should decrease redundant entry of biographical and bibliographical data into multiple platforms.

One of the systems already incorporating ORCID, and with which SETAC has recently partnered, is Publons. The Publons platform tracks, verifies and recognizes researchers for their peer review and editorial work. A reviewer’s profile reflects editorial appointments and reviews across all participating journals, while maintaining anonymity for individual reviews. The SETAC journals also use Publons’ data to inform the SETAC Reviewer Rewards Program, a rewards system similar to airline miles, assigning points for each completed review at ET&C or IEAM. Points can be cashed in for memberships, conference registrations and even travel vouchers.

And finally, ET&C and IEAM just began offering figshare to journal authors. figshare is an online repository for what is typically handled as supplemental information – datasets, extra figures, posters, presentations, code and so forth. Previously, supplemental data were stored on the publisher site, which didn’t lend itself to easy discoverability or use. When published on figshare, supplemental files become openly accessible, are citable by DOI, and link back to the journal article. There is no cost to authors, and the process is fully automated. Simply upload your data through ET&C or IEAM’s online submission site, and it will be deposited on figshare upon publication of the paper.

ET&C and IEAM will continue to incorporate tools and services that benefit our contributors. If you have questions or concerns about these initiatives, or ideas about improving our processes, feel free to contact me or the ET&C and IEAM editorial offices.

To get started with ORCID or to learn more, visit To learn more about Publons, visit To explore the figshare data repository, visit

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