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13 July 2017
Volume 18 Issue 7

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We Need Your News and Special Interest Articles

Bill Goodfellow and Tim Canfield, SETAC Globe Co-Editors-in-Chief

As Globe Co-editors-in-Chief, we communicate frequently with one another. We were talking the other day as part of pulling together the July issue of the SETAC Globe, and one of us mentioned that it is hard to believe that we are in our third year as Co-editors-in-Chief of your electronic newsletter. It has been a fun and rewarding activity, one where we are constantly learning news about our many activities from the global, geographic unit, chapter, branch, interest group and committee levels as well as special news about individual members. It is also an opportunity for our journals to provide us with reports on important publishing information and the development of tools to assist authors and readers in the dissemination of our quality science. We appreciate the submission of the excellent content we receive each month, but we can always use more.

We thought that this issue would be a great time to report back to you concerning the “state of the SETAC Globe.”  As of this spring, the Globe has a subscription of more than 10,000 readers, with more than 99.6% of the emails successfully delivered and more than 3,000 Globe newsletter emails opened each month. Currently, with our global membership being at nearly 6,000 members, the Globe is reaching more than 4,000 additional subscribers, which include past SETAC members and friends of the society.  With nearly 20% of Globe issues having at least one article accessed in its entirety, the Globe is an effective and substantial communication tool to get your news out to our membership and the greater SETAC community as well as an opportunity to provide useful information about future programming and meetings. 

The SETAC Globe is also a valuable marketing tool not only for SETAC but also for your organization, university or institute. Our email distributions service analyzes a large sample from the millions of mailings sent through their network, and they use a comparative score of 1–10 to evaluate every mailing. They consistently rank the SETAC Globe at the top of their list, which routinely receives a score between 8 and 10.

If you have news that is of interest to the more than 10,000 scientists, engineers, chemists and toxicologist of the Globe readership, please let us know and submit an article. If you have a product or event you would like to advertise, the Globe provides an opportunity for targeted outreach using our affordable advertising rates (view advertising details in the Globe policies, item 13).We would love to hear more about how we can better serve our readership in delivering quality content that is interesting and impactful.

We try to provide a balanced representation of our five geographic units in each issue, which sometimes is challenging.  We are most proud of our March 2017 issue, which is the first time that the Globe had an article from each of our geographic units in the same issue.  We would like to see this occur more often, but it can only happen when we hear from our members and readers around the world. Articles of most interest to our readership, as measured by the most opened article metric, range considerably in content and include report backs of special meetings, activities from interest groups and committees, breaking news from our SETAC World Council and geographic unit officers and staff, as well as our senior resource group member spotlights. Our geographic unit meeting session summaries are always highly popular because they offer the opportunity for members to stay informed, whether they were unable to attend or had conflicting sessions.  Therefore, we encourage session chairs to please take advantage of informing our readers by providing us a timely session summary.

We are blessed with being the front people for the Globe but need to really thank the SETAC staff in Pensacola and Brussels, and in particular Delphine Delire, Jen Lynch, Sabine Barrett and Dusty Kennedy, for all of their assistance in helping publish the Globe each month.

Best regards and please keep submitting the high-quality and interesting articles each month! If you have any questions about whether a specific article topic would be of interest, please send us an email, we would be happy to discuss your ideas further.

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