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19 January 2017
Volume 18 Issue 1

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Why Not Join the SETAC Europe Education Committee?

Amy Brooks, Chair, SETAC Europe Education Committee

SETAC Europe Education CommitteeAre you a member of SETAC who wants to help shape the society, but you don’t have much time to do it? The SETAC Europe Education Committee could be your answer!

Part of SETAC’s mission is the promotion of education in the environmental sciences. The Education Committee plans and coordinates all SETAC Europe activities relating to educating members and the general public.

We evaluate the proposals for short courses at annual meetings and also proposals for summer and winter schools. In addition, we provide input to the Certification of Risk Assessors (CRA) program in collaboration with the CRA Registration Committee.

It doesn’t require a large time investment to perform the duties of the Education Committee, but it allows us to stay up-to-speed with training and educational demands and offers. We review short course proposals in November of each year in advance of the annual meeting in May. This takes 1 to 2 hours to review all of the proposals and then we have a 1- to 2-hour teleconference to discuss as a group. We also review proposals for summer and winter schools throughout the year; typically this requires up to 1 hour per proposal with the number of proposals varying year to year. Overall, the Education Committee requires a time commitment of approximately 10 hours per year. 

We have vacancies for full members and also student members – find out more at and join us! You can also contact the SETAC Education Committee secretary Rebecca Bundschuh or Education Committee chair Amy Brooksfor more information.

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