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14 December 2017
Volume 18 Issue 12

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Grateful for Session Recordings

Tamar Schlekat, SETAC Science Affairs Manager

For the meetings we joined and those who organized them,
For the posters we viewed and those who made them,
For the talks we attended and those who gave them,
For the presentations we missed and those who recorded them,
We are grateful!

SETAC Minneapolis session recordingsRhymes aside and in all seriousness, SETAC appreciates all of you who were involved in making the SETAC North America 38th Annual Meeting last month in Minneapolis so successful. The meeting was attended by 1,812 participants and included 12 concurrent sessions, six professional training courses, four lively poster socials, three packed thought provoking key-note presentations, many social activities and business meetings, two engaging public outreach activities (the SETAC Town Hall and Reddit Ask-Me-Anything sessions) and much more. There was so much going on that I, for one, missed many posters and presentations and I am grateful that select meeting poster images and presentation recordings are now available online, with author permission of course.

If you want to review a presentation and don’t know where to start, I suggest starting with one of the Featured Presentations (“Featured Sessions” on website) at the top of the page.  Better yet, browse the entire list of recorded sessions (“track list” on website) including Spotlight Sessions such as that on Ecosystem Services as a Basis for Ecological Risk Assessment of Chemicals. The recorded sessions (“tracks”) of this year’s meeting range in topic from those of regional flavor (such as the sessions on the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and the 50-Year Retrospective of Contributions of the Duluth Laboratory) to those that cover hot topics (such as Conflicts of Interest, Neonicotinoids and Microplastics). And, if you have an interest in viewing some sessions from previous meetings, they are conveniently available in the same drop-down list sorted by the year they were recorded. We hope you find these session recordings valuable and useful.

Happy viewing!

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