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14 December 2017
Volume 18 Issue 12

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Moving Forward with Learned Discourses at Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management

Richard Wenning, IEAM Editor-in-Chief

IEAM 13:6Peter M. Chapman, a Senior Editor at Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management (IEAM) and the founding Editor of Learned Discourses, passed away in September 2017. Chapman launched Learned Discourses at the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) in the Society’s member newsletter in 1996, where the feature appeared in each issue until it transitioned to the Society’s second peer-reviewed journal, IEAM, in 2005.

Chapman envisioned Learned Discourses as a forum for the environmental science community – professionals and students alike – to share the progress of their research and opine on timely environmental issues. He was a tireless advocate of this technical forum as a place where all views were welcomed; where students could find their voice in their new chosen profession; and where the tripartite SETAC community could exercise its mission to openly discuss different points of view on a wide range of environmental topics, find common ground on regulatory policy and highlight topics for scientific research. Learned Discourses achieved these goals almost immediately, and has been one of the most popular science communication forums in the global SETAC community for more than 20 years.

Chapman’s leadership at Learned Discourses will be dearly missed. IEAM and the Society are committed to continue this vital feature with the same vigor and dedication that he devoted over his many years as the chief editor for this feature. We are grateful to many for their outreach to IEAM over the past two months, expressing their willingness to guide Learned Discourses in the new year and thereafter. Announcements are expected in January about the new leadership, including some new ideas and encouragements for carrying this mission forward on behalf of the Society.

The continued success of Learned Discourses depends entirely on our contributors. We encourage academic environmental professionals, regulatory experts and policy-makers from around the world to contribute short communications describing the progress of their research and the challenges they encounter building bridges beween science and environmental management. As always, we continue to encourage students and young professionals to share their work and engage with the SETAC community.

Learned Discourses is recognized for rapid turnaround – the time between submission and publication is often less than three months. All submissions should be no longer than 1,000 words and include no more than six references and one table or figure. The content of Learned Discourses is subject to editorial review for clarity, consistency and brevity, but it is not subject to formal peer-review.  Submissions to Learned Discourses should be emailed as a Microsoft Word file to the IEAM Editorial Office.

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