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14 December 2017
Volume 18 Issue 12

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Events You Cannot Miss at SETAC Rome

Barbara Koelman, Rebecca Bundschuh and Delphine Delire, SETAC Europe

Job Event Face-Lift

The first ever SETAC Europe Job Event was held at the SETAC Europe 27th Annual Meeting last year in Brussels. It was an initiative created by the Local Organizing Committee to increase activities on the last day of the meeting. This successful and fully booked event gathered 36 students and provided them the opportunity to interact with 12 different organizations. All participating employers received the student’s CVs in advance.

SETAC Rome job eventSince this new type of “speed dating” event received such positive feedback, we decided to hold it again at the SETAC Europe 28th Annual Meeting, which will be held from 13–17 May 2018 in Rome, Italy.

Next year, this will be an exclusive event for SETAC Europe Partners and, although it began as a way to make Thursday more attractive, will be held Wednesday, 16 May, to give students more time to engage with the companies throughout the meeting.

Registration for the Job Event will open starting January 2018 on the meeting website. Places are limited, both for job-seeking students interested in potential future employers, as well as for employee-seeking organizations interested in meeting the best and brightest environmental science students. So, make a note in your agenda to sign up and be part of this unique opportunity! And who knows, maybe you are the person companies are looking for!

Have a look at last year’s job event and read more about it in this past SETAC Globe article.

Please contact for more information or visit

SETAC Mentor badgeNew to SETAC Europe? Sign Up for the Mentorship Program!

We know an annual meeting with more than 2,000 participants and up to 10 parallel sessions can be overwhelming. Therefore, the Membership and Public Relations Committee organizes the Mentorship Program at every SETAC Europe annual meeting. This free program matches experienced SETAC members and meeting participants (mentors) with first-time attendees or young scientists (mentees). Mentors help mentees to navigate the meeting, providing a friendly face during breaks and social events, introductions to other participants and advice for career perspectives.

Mentors benefit from sharing their experiences and helping the next generation, and are rewarded with meeting new and enthusiastic participants and improving their mentoring skills. 

Matches are made on the basis of professional interest and other preferences that the participants can indicate when signing up.

What do mentees say?

“I was assigned to the mentor who is really an expert in a research field I am working in.”

“This is the best way for first time meeting attendees to get to know people and get some tips on how to get along at SETAC Europe meetings.”

What do mentors say?

“I think it was useful and informative for both mentors and mentees. It was also very well organized and well supported by SETAC.”

“The mentees appointed to me were very motivated and interested and our interest profile was also in line. I think that the good match contributed most to my positive impression of the program.”

Only a Few Spaces Left to Exhibit

There are only a few spaces left to exhibit at SETAC Rome – the largest meeting on environmental toxicology and chemistry in Europe. Around 2,500 environmental scientists, assessors, regulators and managers from all over the world will have a chance to view your organization’s showcase.

Find out here who already signed up. If you wish to be part of this key event, have a look at the floor map and book your booth now. For more information, please contact Barbara Koelman.

Upcoming Deadlines for SETAC Rome

22 January 2018: Registration opens
20 March 2018: Early registration deadline for delegates, presenters and session chairs

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