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13 April 2017
Volume 18 Issue 4

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Metals in the Environment Web Portal: Interest Group Announces Web Portal Launch

Emily Garman, NiPERA – Nickel Producers Environmental Research Association, Eric Van Genderen, International Zinc Association, Robert Dwyer, International Copper Association, Chris Schlekat, NiPERA - Nickel Producers Environmental Research Association, Graham Merrington, wca Environment, and Kevin Brix, EcoTox

Members of the SETAC Metals Interest Group announced that a newly released web portal, “Metals in the Environment,” has been launched. The website was designed to give easy access to state-of-the-science information and tools on metal mixtures in the environment. It was developed in response to both the increasing attention on chemical mixtures from the global regulatory community and a growing body of knowledge in the scientific community.

The site is an accessible tool to help disseminate cutting-edge information on metals bioavailability and metal mixtures in the environment, including research published in the ET&C Special Section: Metal Mixture Modeling Evaluation, for stakeholders of all levels of background and experience. With a spectrum of resources, from animated videos on key concepts to fact sheets and scientific publications on metals bioavailability and mixtures, “Metals in the Environment” provides an overview of the latest peer-reviewed science on these subjects, developed and funded cooperatively by academic institutions, government and industry.  The fact sheet topics include “A Brief Starter on Metal Bioavailability and Mixtures,” “Metal Bioavailability,” “Metal Mixture Toxicity,” “Metal Mixture Modeling” and “The Future of Metal Mixture Regulations.” The links section is a portal to relevant publications, papers, models, tools and videos on metals in the environment.     

Visit to learn more.   

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