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13 April 2017
Volume 18 Issue 4

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SETAC Brussels Update: Less Than a Month to Go

Ilse Schoeters, Karel De Schamphelaere, and Gertie Arts, Annual Meeting Program Chairs

There’s less than one month before the SETAC Europe 27th Annual Meeting begins, and we are excited about the interesting program that has been created.

The theme of the 2017 meeting is “Environmental Quality Through Transdisciplinary Collaboration.” As described in previous editions of the Globe, special efforts were put in place to make the scientific program truly transdisciplinary: Joint sessions are being organized with other societies, and high level keynote speakers have been invited, who will demonstrate the importance of working transdisciplinary to improve the quality of the environment.

Veronique Vier, cotton plaid
Véronique Vier, “Encounter #3” (wall), 2016, plastic and cotton plaid

Inspired by a proposal offered by our current SETAC Europe President, the local organizing committee, along with the tremendous support of the SETAC office, got creative with the theme, and for the first time, there will be an art and science exhibition. Artists from local art schools, inspired by presentations of local SETAC members, will present their pieces of art at the conference. More than 20 art pieces will be presented.  A first of its kind at SETAC Europe. We hope you will enjoy it!

How to Get to and Around Brussels

For those of you looking into booking your trip and working out the logistics to get to the conference center, Brussels is one of the best connected cities in Europe with many direct connections by train and plane. If possible, we would like to recommend for delegates to travel by train rather than by plane to help reduce the carbon footprint of your trip. Brussels is a hub for the European high speed train: 2 hours from London, 1.5 hours from Paris and Amsterdam, and 3 hourrs from Frankfurt. While in Brussels, public transport and city bikes will allow you to get anywhere you want in Brussels. Most of the meeting activities are within walking distance. See

Final Deadlines

Registration: If you missed the early bird payment deadline and the advanced registration deadline of 14 April, you can still register yourself onsite during the conference.

Late abstract submission for posters: Did you miss the original abstract submission deadline? Do you have late-breaking science you would like to present at SETAC Brussels? We have opened a time slot for late abstract submissions for posters: You must submit your abstract no later than 26 April.

All information about the SETAC Europe 27th Annual Meeting can be found at

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