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SETAC Brussels Update: Less Than a Month to Go
Ilse Schoeters, Karel Deschamphelaere and Gertie Arts
BrusselsThis year’s SETAC Europe meeting will feature for the first time, an art and science exhibition. Artists from local art schools, inspired by presentations of local SETAC members, will present more than 20 pieces of art at the conference. We hope you will enjoy it!


13 April 2017
SETAC Focused Topic Meeting: Risk Assessment of Chemical MixturesUpcoming SETAC Focused Topic Meeting: Advances in Risk Assessment of Chemical Mixtures
Eric Van Genderen and Mary Ann Ottinger
Understanding the joint toxicity of complex chemical exposures is essential in protecting the environment and public health. The upcoming SETAC Focused Topic Meeting on Risk Assessment of Chemical Mixtures will be held from 6–8 September in Denver, Colorado, USA.

First day speakers at the 3rd Annual SETAC AGB MeetingNews from SETAC Europe Branches
Michelle Bloor and Christopher Warren
The student council of the SETAC United Kingdom (UK) Branch needs your help in establishing their visual identity. Also, the SETAC Arabian Gulf Branch (AGB) recently held their 3rd annual meeting from 21–22 March at Qatar University in Doha, Qatar.

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Traditional Spanish tile artwork23rd SETAC LCA Case Study Symposium: Save the Date
Bo P. Weidema
Make sure to reserve 27–28 November 2017 in your calendar to visit beautiful Barcelona for this year’s two-day LCA Case Study Symposium.

Coast with beach rockContaminated Sediment Site Professionals Meet in New Orleans
Patricia White and Andrew Bullard
Environmental professionals recently met at Battelle’s Ninth International Conference on Remediation and Management of Contaminated Sediments, held from 9–12 January in New Orleans, Louisiana, to share experiences and expertise with managing contaminated sediments and remediating and restoring waterways and coastal areas.

Periodic tableMetals in the Environment Web Portal: Interest Group Announces Web Portal Launch
Emily Garman, Eric Van Genderen, Robert Dwyer, Chris Schlekat, Graham Merrington and Kevin Brix
Members of the SETAC Metals Interest Group announce that a newly released web portal, “Metals in the Environment,” has been launched. The website was designed to give easy access to state-of-the-science information and tools on metal mixtures in the environment

SETAC OrlandoMore Session Summaries from SETAC Orlando

The recently concluded 7th SETAC World Congress/SETAC North America 37th Annual Meeting, which was held from 6–10 November 2016 in Orlando, Florida, and attracted 2,235 delegates who could choose from 752 platform and 1,315 poster presentations.

SETAC Minneapolis professional training courses

Register for the SETAC Europe 27th Annual Meeting in Brussels, Belgium, by 14 April and have a look at the full scientific program, including all abstracts. Volunteer for the Reddit Ask Me Anything, or submit your video and thoughts on #WhySETAC matters to you. Submit your late abstract by 26 April.

Propose a professional training course for the SETAC North America 38th Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, by 15 May. Submit an abstract by 7 June.

Submit an abstract for the 12th SETAC Latin America Biennial Meeting in Santos, Brazil, by 19 May.

Submit an abstract for the SETAC Africa 8th Biennial Conference in Nigeria, by 26 May.

Submit an abstract for the SETAC North America Focused Topic Meeting: Risk Assessment of Chemical Mixtures in Denver, Colorado, by 29 June.

Save the date, 27–28 November 2017, for the 23rd SETAC Europe LCA Case Studies Symposium in Barcelona, Spain.

IEAM volume 13, issue 2What’s New in IEAM
Challenges in assigning endocrine-specific modes of action: Recommendations for researchers and regulators
Ellen M Mihaich, Christoph Schäfers, David A Dreier, Markus Hecker, Lisa Ortego, Yukio Kawashima, Zhi-Chao Dang and Keith Solomon
Volume 13, Issue 2
ET&C cover 36:4What's New in ET&C
Sublethal effects on wood frogs chronically exposed to environmentally relevant concentrations of two neonicotinoid insecticides
Stacey A. Robinson, Sarah D. Richardson, Rebecca L. Dalton, France Maisonneuve, Vance L. Trudeau, Bruce D. Pauli, Stacey S.Y. and Lee-Jenkins
Volume 36, Issue 4
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