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9 September 2016
Volume 17 Issue 9

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Spotlight on Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

Helen Callow, Editorial Office, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

ET&C Vol. 35 Issue 9

Many readers of the SETAC Globe will be familiar with the article formats published in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (ET&C), but having recently updated guidelines and recruited new editors to focus on our special sections, a refresher course is in order. We want to make ET&C your first choice when choosing where to publish your research and to welcome our new editors to the team.

Focus Articles

Focus articles are part of a regular series intended to sharpen understanding of current and emerging topics of interest to the scientific community. Focus articles are written in a succinct, magazine style so that a broad cross-section of the scientific community can read, understand and appreciate the message. Contact Focus editors Nil Basu or Jerry Diamond for information on how to submit a Focus article or to discuss topic ideas.

Critical Review Articles

Critical Reviews assess areas of environmental science and technology research literature of current importance in the field. Submissions should increase readers’ knowledge through perceptive comparisons, thorough literature coverage and a clear identification of research needs. Contact Critical Review editors Willie J.G.M. Peijnenburg or George Cobb for topic ideas and detailed directions on how to submit Critical Reviews to ET&C.

Perspectives Articles

The Perspectives column gives authors a chance to present their thoughts and opinions on current scientific topics of national and international importance. It should include two to three short, less formal “op-ed”–style submissions in response to a chosen topic of discussion. The convener will select two to three authors to share their viewpoints on the selected topic. Each author should represent a different sector – academic, business or government – of the SETAC tripartite structure. Contact the ET&C office for further directions on submitting Perspectives articles.

ET&C has an ISI Journal Citation Reports Ranking of 31/89 (Toxicology) and 64/225 (Environmental Sciences) and a combined impact factor of 2.763. We would love to share your work with an ever-growing audience. With your help, we can increase our impact and grow ET&C to one of the foremost environmental journals in its class. Contact the ET&C office for more information on the publishing process.

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