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9 September 2016
Volume 17 Issue 9

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Mentors Wanted for the SETAC Europe CRA Program

Rebecca Bundschuh, SETAC Europe Education Project Manager

Mentor with SETAC Europe CRA

The SETAC Europe Certification of Environmental Risk Assessors (CRA) was established to provide an internationally recognized certification for environmental risk assessors. The program offers a direct registration option for those more seasoned in their careers, as well as an early career education and training pathway with high-level courses for students and young professionals to strengthen knowledge and expertise required for the CRA certification.

During the training and certification process, candidates not only increase their knowledge base in risk assessment and other environmental issues but also benefit from enhanced networking opportunities and the expertise of mentors, who are experienced environmental risk assessors involved in the CRA program.

Therefore, a mentor is central to the CRA early career pathway by guiding the candidate through the program. Registrants are seeking mentors that have direct experience in environmental risk assessment with applicable experience as a successful practitioner.

The mentor’s initial role is to support the candidate during the application process and the development of the enrollment dossier. After this, the mentor guides the candidate through the course, training opportunities and internship selection. Finally, the mentor should be present at the final graduation exam. Preferably, candidates should recruit a mentor on their own, but the CRA secretary can help support this process.

The contact between mentor and candidate will ideally go beyond the CRA program, initiating a long-term exchange and close collaboration.

The candidate benefits from:

  • Technical and professional experience and knowledge of the mentor
  • Assistance in the transition from study to work
  • Advice on the development of their résumé and professional network
  • Insight into employment opportunities within the environmental risk assessment sector

The mentor, on the other hand:

  • Shares the passion, insight and expertise for the profession
  • Promotes young colleagues in their career
  • Improves his or her own skills in coaching and mentoring
  • Experiences motivated candidates, who may be potential future employees and collaborators
  • Learns about fresh perspectives of the upcoming generations of environmental risk assessors

For more information about the CRA program, please visit

Please email the CRA program office if you want to contribute and mentor CRA candidates during their training process.

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