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6 October 2016
Volume 17 Issue 10

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YES 2017 Meeting: Environmental Science in a Warming World

Tomica Mišljenović, SETAC Europe Student Advisory Council (SAC) Chair, and Katharina Heye, SETAC Europe SAC Vice-Chair

SETAC World Congress

Scientists are certainly aware that climate change is happening. However, the link between one’s own field of expertise and climate change-related topics often remains vague, which influenced the SETAC Europe Student Advisory Council (SAC Europe) in organizing the 2017 Young Environmental Scientists (YES) meeting. The meeting will have a special focus on “Environmental Science in a Warming World.“ Hosted by the Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry (ACES) of the Stockholm University in Sweden, the meeting is designed for students and recent graduates in the fields of environmental toxicology and chemistry.

The organizing committee is anticipating approximately 120 attendees from around the world. Each SETAC member who is a student (or a recent graduate) is invited to submit an abstract. The YES 2017 Meeting will take place from 16–20 February and will include poster and platform presentations, career talks and laboratory and soft skills development courses. Students will have the opportunity to network with their peers while spending almost a full week in the “Venice of the North.” To bridge the gap between environmental toxicology and chemistry and climate change, we would like to give the participants an idea about various aspects related to climate change. Workshops with guest speakers will provide background information about what climate change means, what change is likely to happen, and how these changes are linked with research subjects under the umbrella of SETAC.

The 6th YES Meeting is an extension of the concept built upon during five previous meetings. The story of the YES meeting began in Landau in 2009, and after the meetings in Aachen, Krakow and Petnica between 2011 and 2015, it officially became an annual event alternating between Europe and North America, with the 5th YES Meeting held this year in Gainesville, Florida. The basic idea of the meeting has not changed since its inception. The concept “by students, for students” (including recent graduates) emphasizes a non-intimidating and relaxed atmosphere for students from all over the world and includes more time for scientific discussions and immediate feedback of research and presentations. Over time, several new concepts were introduced, which gave an extra value to the meeting. One excellent example, since the YES Meeting in Petnica, professional development courses incorporating lab training have became an integral part of the agenda.

Abstract submission is now open, and we encourage all SETAC students and recent graduates to submit an abstract to one of the 10 sessions. For additional information concering the meeting, please visit the As every year, the meeting will have no registration fees for all participants, and travel grants are available. It is a great chance for young scientists to learn more about SETAC and how to become involved in various events and activities organized by the society.

The impressions and enthusiasm of students that have participated in previous YES Meetings might be the best way to show the value of participating:

“This is the best conference I’ve ever been to! EVERYTHING was organized so well. I would definitely come again and tell my friends about it.”

“I saw some really great talks and posters. SETAC students rock. They present good science, and I am always impressed by the accomplishments of my peers!”

“We were able to meet more people, the small size is good, and having it student-focused made it easier to strike up conversations.”

“It has been a life-changing experience!”

If you are interested in supporting the upcoming YES Meeting, please contact us. We would like to invite all students and recent graduates to join us in Stockholm!

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