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3 November 2016
Volume 17 Issue 11

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Italian Society of Ecology Annual Meeting

Paola Grenni and Anna Barra Caracciolo, National Research Council of Italy (CNR)

Biodiversity: Concepts, New Tools and Future Challenges

The annual meeting of the Italian Society of Ecology (SItE) titled, “Biodiversity: Concepts, New Tools and Future Challenges” was held from 30 August–2 September in Milan, Italy. The SItE annual meeting was held jointly with the Italian Societies of Zoology and Biogeography and supported by the SETAC Italian Language Branch.

Several sessions were organized to address topics ranging from basic to applied ecology. Antonio Finizio and Antonio Di Guardo chaired a special session dedicated to ecotoxicology. Several SETAC members participated in the session.

The current president of the SETAC Italian Language Branch, Paola Grenni, presented the plenary presentation, “The Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry as an open forum where ecologist and chemists solve environmental problems: The role of the SETAC Italian Branch.” She described SETAC’s main mission and past and upcoming events, including the SETAC Europe Annual Meetings, which will be held in Brussels (2017) and Rome (2018). The SETAC Europe Annual Meeting 2018 will be held in the new convention centre of Rome named “the Cloud,” which was designed by the famous architect Fuksas and is located in the modern area of Rome.

The table below highlights the platform presentations given during the special session dedicated to ecotoxicology.

Platform Presentations

Ferrario C., Finizio A., Villa S.

Contaminants in alpine glaciers melting water: A never-ending story?

Magni S., Parolini M., Della Torre C., Fernandes De Oliveira L., Catani M., Guzzinati R., Cavazzini A., Binelli A.

Adverse effects induced by antidepressants fluoxetine and citalopram on the freshwater biological model Dreissena polymorpha

Binelli A., Santo N., Del Giacco L., Bini L., Magni S., Madaschi L., Ascagni M., Ghilardi A., Parolini M., Prosperi L., Maggioni D., Della Torre C.

Multidisciplinary approach to assess the role of carbon nanopowder as carrier for benzo(a)pyrene in Danio rerio embryos

Cappello T., Maisano M., Giannetto A., Parrino V., Natalotto A., Oliva S., Cappello S., Mancini G., De Marco G., Mauceri A., Fasulo S.

Environmental metabolomics as a valuable tool in evaluating the effects of petrochemical contamination and recovery strategies on marine mussels

Morselli M., Di Guardo A.

Influence of biomass and organic carbon dynamics on chemical exposure in aquatic environments

Rusconi M., Marziali L., Stefani F., Valsecchi S., Bettinetti R., Mazzoni M., Rosignoli F., Polesello S.

Evaluating the impact of a fluoropolymer plant on a river macrobenthic community by a combined chemical, ecological and genetic approach

Viarengo A., Oliveri L., Chinaglia S., Sforzini S.

Application of biotests for the determination of soil ecotoxicity after exposure to biodegradable plastics

Sforzini S., Boughattas I., Hattab S., Boussetta H., Sappin-Didier V., Viarengo A., Banni M.

Cytotoxic, genotoxic, and transcriptomic responses of Eisenia andrei to a polymetallic gradient near a lead mining SITE in North Tunisia

Novati S., Marziali L., Valsecchi L., Roscioli C., Piscia R., Bettinetti R., Guzzella L.

Bioaccumulation of DDT and Hg in aquatic macrobenthos and fish of Lake Maggiore (Italy)

Parolini M., Magni S., Ghilardi A., Del Giacco L., Binelli A.

Adverse effects induced by the exposure to increasing environmental concentrations of cocaine and its main metabolites on zebrafish embryos

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