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Message from the SETAC President
Patrick Guiney
Patrick GuineyI have been a charter member of SETAC for 37 years. During that time, I have personally experienced unprecedented positive change in our society, from the steady growth of our membership to the evolving influence of our science.

3 November 2016
Tamar ShlekatMessage from the SETAC Science Manager: Environmental Sciences for a Sustainable Future
Tamar Schlekat
I have recently become aquainted with the SETAC North America staff during my introduction to the Scientific Affairs Manager position. Now, it's time for the rest of the society to get to know me.

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SETAC BrusselsSETAC Brussels – Environmental Quality Through Transdisciplinary Collaboration
Gertie Arts, Ilse Schoeters and Karel de Shamphelaere
SETAC Europe’s 27th annual meeting will take place from 7–11 May 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. Why Brussels you may ask?

SETAC AfricaSETAC Africa – Bringing African Scientists to Global Competitiveness
Beatrice Opeolu
Global deterioration of environmental quality affecting Africa is no longer a myth but a fact with an abundance of evidence in literature. While African scientists have contributed to this existing body of knowledge, their efforts are often limited in the type and scope of studies they may undertake, resulting in poor visibility of the researchers and their research efforts.

Diogo CardosoECOTOX 2016 Student Ambassador Update
Diogo Cardoso
The XIII Brazilian Congress of Ecotoxicology – ECOTOX 2016, which was held from 7–10 September in Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil, was an amazing place of learning and networking, bringing together members from academia, government and business.


Tatyana KuznecovaNews from SETAC Europe's Branches
Michelle Bloor, Paola Grenni, Anna Barra Caracciolo and Tatyana Kuznecova
Many of the SETAC Europe Branches have been very active this fall, including the United Kingdom, Italian Language and Russian Language Branches.

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SETAC SingaporeReport from the 10th SETAC Asia/Pacific Conference in Singapore
Kuan-Chun Lee
Recently held from 16–19 September in Singapore, the SETAC Asia/Pacific 2016 Conference was a gathering of 320 scientists, assessors and regulators from 33 countries. This conference was one of many firsts for SETAC Asia/Pacific.


Ron KendallSenior Resource Group Member Spotlight: Ron Kendall
Matt Moore
This month, the Senior Resource Group highlights the accomplishments and career of Ron Kendall.



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IEAM volume 12, issue 4What’s New in IEAM
Stakeholder involvement for management of the coastal zone
Amy M.P. Oen, Meiske M. Bouma, Maria Botelho, Patrícia Pereira, Marie Haeger-Eugensson, Alexis Conides Joanna Przedrzymirska, Ingela Isaksson, Christina Wolf, Gijs D. Breedveld, Adriaan Slob
Volume 12, Issue 4
ET&C cover 35:10What's new in ET&C
Field assessment of the impacts of Deepwater Horizon oiling on coastal marsh vegetation of Mississippi and Alabama
Jonathan M. Willis, Mark W. Hester, Shahrokh Rouhani, Marla A. Steinhoff, Mary C. Baker
Volume 35, Issue 11

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