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12 May 2016
Volume 17 Issue 5

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Second Student Workshop on Ecology and Optics of Coastal Zones

Rainer Reuter, University of Oldenburg, Germany, and Svetlana Patsaeva, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia

The 2nd Student Workshop on Ecology and Optics of Coastal Zones (EARSeL) will be held from 19–23 July at the Museum of the World Ocean in Kaliningrad, Russia. It is a 5-day education and training summer school for Masters and PhD students working in the natural sciences. The event follows the first workshop, which was organized in 2014 at the White Sea, Republic of Karelia.

White Sea
Photo courtesy of the Museum of the World Ocean

The workshop addresses the principles, methods and results of optical methods for measuring environmental parameters with a focus on coastal waters. It offers students the opportunity to meet international researchers and to gain first-hand experience in hydrography and coastal ecology, in environmental optics and remote sensing. The relevance of oceans and coasts for the daily weather and for the regional climate will be outlined, and projections of the future climate, based on the impact of global change on the oceans and coasts, will be discussed.

Preparations for the student workshop are almost complete. A total of 17 lectures on topics covering physical oceanography, coastal microbiology and chemistry, remote sensing of coastal zones, and the relevance of the oceans for the past and future climate will be presented. Moreover, two laboratory tutorials on marine optics using modern instrumentation and an excursion to Kaliningrad Bay with shipboard hydrographic and daylight reflectance measurements are elements of the workshop program. SETAC members specializing in microbiology, chemistry and spectroscopy will be present.

The deadline for abstracts submission is 15 May 2016. Late registrations for the workshop may be considered. However, in order to apply for a Russian entry visa in time, attendees should send the application forms for the workshop as soon as possible.

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