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17 March 2016
Volume 17 Issue 2

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MAgPIE: Two Workshops for a Toolbox on Risk Mitigation Measures in Agricultural Land

Anne Alix, Chair, 12th SETAC Europe Special Science Symposium Committee Chair

MAgPIE logoThe two MAgPIE workshops (Mitigating the Risk of Plant Protection Products In the Environment) took place in April and November 2013 in Rome and Madrid, respectively. Approximately 95 experts from more than 20 countries participated in the building of the risk mitigation toolbox, and the network is still growing!

The objective of the workshops was to create a forum to discuss the risk mitigation measures designed for the use of plant protection products for agricultural purposes and to develop a harmonized toolbox for European countries. The exchanges during these workshops were followed by a period of intense “homework” by the four working groups involved. The goal was to gather the science in support of the tools identified as the most promising and to prepare written recommendations for implementation of the toolbox and for further research and development.

The toolbox is now finalized, and we plan to release it as an e-book this year through SETAC Press. It contains options for risk mitigation measures to limit pesticide transfers in ground and surface waters, including spray drift, drainage and runoff, and to limit impacts on non-target organisms and biodiversity in crops and field boundaries. It also contains technical recommendations to facilitate the implementation of these measures by farmers and regulatory recommendations to report the risk mitigation measures on product labeling.

MAgPIE group shot
MAgPIE workshop participants gathered in Rome.

A SETAC Europe Special Science Symposium (SESSS) to introduce the toolbox to risk assessors and risk managers is being organized from 10–12 May 2016 in Brussels, Belgium. This meeting includes a full-day field trip to visit a demonstration farm where risk mitigation measures are being implemented. Registration for the meeting is now open.

The organizing committee would again like to express its gratitude to all experts involved in this toolbox development, to Barbara Koelman from the SETAC Europe office and to all our sponsors for their support of the workshop, the proceedings and the SESSS. We also thank Wolfgang Reinert from the European Commission, who organized financial support for regulatory authorities representatives.

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