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16 June 2016
Volume 17 Issue 6

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Nominations Sought for SETAC Fellows Award

Barnett Rattner, SETAC Immediate Past President

The SETAC Fellows Award was created in 2010 to recognize significant long-term scientific and science policy contributions of SETAC members. The identification and appointment of SETAC Fellows is intended to provide recognition of excellence and contributions to the sciences embraced by SETAC including ecotoxicology, environmental chemistry, risk assessment and life cycle assessment. The hallmark of a SETAC Fellow is leadership within the professional and scientific arenas.

SETAC Fellows constitute an expert body that possesses institutional knowledge of the society and recognized achievement in science or science policy. As such, they will serve as a sounding board for the SETAC World Council and may be asked to help lead select efforts. Congratulations to our newest SETAC Fellows Paul van den Brink, Theo Brock, Chris Hickey, Larry Kapustka, Steve Klaine, Wayne Landis, Lorraine Maltby, Paolo Masoni, Peter Matthiessen and Joke Van Wensem.

Nominations for SETAC Fellow are currently being accepted on or before 5 August 2016. Candidates must be members of SETAC in good standing for at least five years prior to the year in which they are considered for eligibility. Please visit for details of the nomination process (no self-nominations). Contact Barnett Rattner, SETAC Fellow Selection Committee, if you have questions about applications and the review process.

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