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16 June 2016
Volume 17 Issue 6

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Senior Resource Group Member Spotlight: Ray Arnold

Matt Moore, SETAC North America Senior Resource Group

Ray ArnoldThis month, the Senior Resource Group highlights the accomplishments and career of our SETAC North America colleague Ray Arnold. Arnold has been a SETAC member since 1987 and is an aquatic ecotoxicologist, currently working for the Chevron Energy Technology Company as a subject matter expert on the company’s Environmental Risk Assessment Team. The vast majority of his 26-year career has been spent working in the petroleum and metals private sector with a brief stint in academia. Arnold received his bachelor's and master's degrees in biology at Stephen F. Austin State University, and he earned his doctorate from the University of North Texas with an emphasis on aquatic ecology and toxicology. With 29 peer-reviewed articles, one book, one book chapter and 86 published abstracts, Arnold’s current focus is on how pressure at depth affects the toxicity of hydrocarbons to deep water organisms; development of alternative preservation techniques for maintaining sample hydrocarbon concentration integrity for extended durations beyond traditional methods; and methods of assessing risk of formulated compounds used on production platforms.

Over the years, Arnold has significantly contributed to SETAC in many different ways. He is a former member of the
ET&C Editorial Board, active in the Metals and Sediment Advisory Groups, and he serves as a student mentor. Arnold has championed SETAC throughout his career and several noteworthy accomplishments on behalf of the society include securing funding for SETAC and establishing one of his employers as a sustaining-member, converting historical ET&C hard-copy journals to electronic files for easy access, and providing sponsorships for many student activities. As an example of Arnold’s commitment to SETAC through charitable giving, he has given more than a dozen SETAC workshops worldwide on whole effluent (WET) toxicity testing and the biotic ligand model (BLM) at no cost to SETAC, allowing proceeds to benefit the hosting geographic units and regional chapters. Arnold’s goal has been to assist SETAC where he can to provide a platform, which is a catalyst for the growth and development of the science and young scientist alike.

The mission of the Senior Resource Group (SRG) is to identify, cultivate and mentor future SETAC leaders, as well as document the Society’s history and evolution of environmental science. If you are interested in becoming a member of the SRG, or if you simply want more information about the group, please contact Laura Swanson.

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