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21 January 2016
Volume 17 Issue 1

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Senior Resource Group Member Spotlight: Graeme Batley

Matt Moore, Senior Resource Group

Graeme Batley

This month, the Senior Resource Group (SRG) is proud to highlight our SETAC Asia/Pacific partners and the accomplishments and career of Dr. Graeme Batley, who currently serves as a chief research scientist with CSIRO, Australia’s national research organization, based in Sydney, Australia. He is a past director of its Centre for Environmental Contaminants Research.

Batley is one of Australia’s leading researchers of trace contaminants in aquatic systems. He was a lead author of the water and sediment quality guidelines for Australia and New Zealand (2000) and is currently involved in the updating of toxicant and sediment guidelines. The author of more than 400 scientific publications and editor of several books, Batley has received a number of awards, including the Eureka Prize for Water Research (2006), SETAC Herb Ward Award for Exceptional Service (2006) and, at the SETAC Salt Lake City meeting, he was named a SETAC Fellow.

Batley joined SETAC in 1994. The foundation committee for SETAC Asia/Pacific was established in 1996, which set about drawing up a constitution in 1997 with Batley as the foundation president, a role he held from 1997–2003. Batley also played a key role in planning meetings leading to the establishment of a global SETAC and its world council in 2002.  After serving as SETAC Asia/Pacific President, Batley remained on their board of directors until 2011.  Often called the “Father of SETAC Asia/Pacific,” Batley has enjoyed seeing the geographic unit grow in membership to more than 600.  In 2008, Sydney hosted the 5th SETAC World Congress (the first time outside of Europe and North America), and fittingly, Batley served as congress chairman.

He has been active in many SETAC advisory groups and committees including the Metals Advisory Group (1996-current), Sediment Advisory Group (2007–current) and Global Awards Committee (2002–present). Batley was also on the steering committee that led to the formation of the Nanotechnology Advisory Group. From 1998–2000, he served as an editorial board member for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. He was a foundation member of the editorial board for Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management (2004–2010) and currently serves as an associate editor (2010–present). Batley also serves as a member of the organizing committee for the SETAC North America Focused Topic Meeting on Environmental Quality Implications of Unconventional and Conventional Natural Gas Development to be held in Denton, Texas.

The mission of the SRG is to identify, cultivate and mentor future SETAC leaders, as well as document the society’s history and evolution of environmental science. If you are interested in becoming a member of the SRG or if you simply want more information about the group, please contact Laura Swanson.

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