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18 February 2016
Volume 17 Issue 2

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A Fond Farewell to Josh Sullivan

Tim Canfield and Bill Goodfellow, Editors in Chief, SETAC Globe

It is with a sense of sadness and some angst as we now navigate the first Globe issue without Josh Sullivan, whom many of you know from the SETAC Pensacola office. However, mostly we feel excitement and gratitude and wish him a fond farewell as he moves on to the next chapter in his life.

On 27 January 2016, Josh stepped away from SETAC after more than 4 years to pursue new opportunities in Nashville, Tennessee.  Josh has been a valuable asset to SETAC during his time in the SETAC North America Office. He was hired as a Communications Specialist in late 2011 to handle designing and producing everything from the SETAC emails you see to the SETAC posters and panels around every SETAC North America annual meeting (you will probably recognize much of his work). He had a hand in the design, production and creation of the SETAC annual report as well as designing and updating SETAC websites. He served ex officio on the Communications Committee and the Publications Advisory Committee, where he helped to guide the volunteers in developing aesthetically pleasing and articulate outputs. Josh was involved in many areas both large and small each and every day that helped SETAC run seamlessly from the perspective of our members. But probably his most visible and impactful service to the society was with his work setting and producing the layouts and visually appealing SETAC News and SETAC Globe publications. Without his keen eye for design and ability to fit the information together in and attractive eye catching layout, these publications would not have attained the appeal to the readership that we currently enjoy.

Josh at SETAC Salt Lake CityJosh was an invaluable asset to Bill and me as we took over the reins of the SETAC Globe from John Toll in January 2015.   Josh helped guide us and keep us on the straight and narrow as we navigated the first few months of editing the Globe. He was understanding and tolerant of our early mistakes and missteps as we learned the ropes of what it took to produce the SETAC Globe every month. Although we are sure that he had many times where he was frustrated with us, Josh never let it show. He was always there to make sure the Globe issue got put together properly and got distributed to the membership on time. 

When we first met Josh, he did not say a whole lot outside of the business at hand. He seemed rather quiet and reserved.  We were not sure if he was unhappy that John Toll had left and that we were now there, and he had to, in addition to all his other duties, train these two greenhorns on how to be the editors-in-chief. But we quickly found out that Josh has a really great sense of humor and a dry wit that is both extremely observant of situations and very timely in making comments that bring you to laughter. If you were fortunate enough to spend any time with him after hours at a SETAC North America meeting, you would find that he is lots of fun to be around.

Josh at SETAC Long Beach meetingJosh handled his responsibilities with good humor, patience and a professionalism that served SETAC well.  Although his departure is a loss for SETAC we know that his next employer is going to get a top notch young man who will bring all that good humor, patience and a professionalism with him to his new job.  We know he has a bright future in front of him as he embarks on his new adventure in Nashville. 

Thank you Josh for all you have done for SETAC and especially for Bill and me.  We wish you all the best and hope you won’t be a stranger.  So keep in touch!!  Cheers our friend!! 

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