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15 December 2016
Volume 17 Issue 12

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Argentina Chapter of SETAC Latin America Hosts 6th Congress

Maria Valeria Amé, Congress Vice President, and Fabi Lo Nostro, SETAC Argentina President

SETAC Argentina officers
Officers of SETAC Argentina, SETAC Latin America and the Congress (from left): Karina Miglioranza, Daniel Wunderlin, Valeria Ame and Fabi Lo Nostro.

More than 330 professionals, undergraduate and postgraduate students, scientists and representatives of Argentinian business, academia and government offices met at the VI Congress of the SETAC Argentinian Chapter from 11–14 October. The meeting took place at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Ciudad de Córdoba, with the theme “Commitment between academia, industry and government for a better environment.”

Guests from Argentina, Brazil, USA, Australia and Spain taught five one-day pre-meeting courses. Additionally, there were eight plenary speakers with worldwide expertise, 15 symposiums, 27 round tables, 42 platform presentations and 228 posters. A 332-page abstract book is available to both conference attendees and non-attendees alike.

Lead by Lidwina Bertrand, the first student representative on the SETAC Argentina Council, student participation at this conference was fantastic, especially the mentor lunch, which was organized to bring students and more seasoned professionals together. Twenty-two students were recognized for the merit of their poster presentations and were presented scientific books as gifts to honor their accomplishments. A special mention was also given to members in the student category who presented a poster and worked on the program committee during the organization meeting, which was hosted by Syngenta and D´amico.

A new board of seven members for the SETAC Argentinian Chapter was elected during the assembly, with the new officers leading the activities for the next two years:

  • President: Mirta Menone
  • Vice President: Fabiana Lo Nostro
  • Secretary: Maria Valeria Ame
  • Treasurer: Paul Demetrio
  • Member Representative: Fabricio Cid
  • Member Representative: Ariana Rossen
  • Student Representative: Fernando Gaston Iturburu

Throughout the meeting, positive discussions and dialogue occurred among participants from academia, business and government. There was a considerable increase in the number of registrations of people coming from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay, which allowed for excellent networking opportunities.

A special thanks to the meeting chairs and the local organizing committee for another successful congress!

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