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Summary of the Life Cycle Mapping of Antimicrobial Compounds Workshop
Bruce Vigon, Rai Kookana, Janet Whaley, Kriengkrai Satapornvanit, Andrew Singer, Karina Gin Yew-Hoong, Jessica Petrillo, Kristian Koefoed Brandt, Jeremy Conkle, David Walter and Vernon Somerset
AMR Workshop ParticipantsSubstantial quantities of human and veterinary antibiotics are routinely used and consequently introduced to food production and water supply systems throughout the world. Yet, routes of exposure by which humans, animals and all other biota may be exposed to these chemicals and the implications to antibiotic resistance development remain poorly understood.

15 December 2016
SETAC Europe Science SlamSETAC Brussels Presents the 4th SETAC Europe Science Slam
Jana Asselman, Emma Deniere, Josef Koch, Francis Van Ryckeghem, Lucia Vergauwen and Anne-Sophie Voisin
First Basel, then Barcelona and Nantes, and now Brussels takes on the challenge to find the best SETAC Science Slammer. Are you up for the challenge?

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Laura RossyNews from SETAC Europe
Bart Bosveld, Kamila Kydralieva, Vera Terekhova and Kirit Wadhia
Staff changes in the Brussels office and a Biodiagnostics Symposium by the Russian Language Branch highlight this month’s activities in Europe.

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NASACStudent Activities Shine at the SETAC World Congress in Orlando
David A. Dreier, Alistair Brown, Blair Paulik, Faith Lambert and Austin D. Gray
The 7th SETAC World Congress/SETAC North America 37th Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida, continued a long-standing tradition of outstanding student activities. From excellent courses and seminars to a great party, there was strong participation in all events.

SETAC North America Board of DirectorsGet To Know the New Members of the SETAC North America Board of Directors
John Toll
Too many SETAC members aren’t aware of the opportunities that go with getting involved in SETAC leadership roles or even how to go about doing it. If you know your current leaders, then you know people who are eager to help you unlock these opportunities.


VI Congress of SETAC Argentina ChapterArgentina Chapter of SETAC Latin America Hosts 6th Congress
Maria Valeria Amé, Congress Vice President, and Fabi Lo Nostro
More than 330 professionals, undergraduate and postgraduate students, scientists and representatives of Argentinian business, academia and government offices met from 11–14 October at the VI Congress of the SETAC Argentinian Chapter. Seven new board members were elected.

SETAC LCA Case Study Symposium in MontpellierRecap of the 22nd SETAC LCA Case Study Symposium in Montpellier
Ralph K. Rosenbaum and Marcial Vargas
The SETAC LCA Case Study Symposium was held from 20 to 22 September 2016 in Montpellier in Southern France. Its overarching theme was “Life Cycle Innovation for the Transition to a Sustainable Society."

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SETAC/iEOS FTMSETAC and iEOS Held the First Joint Focused Topic Meeting on -Omics and Epigenetics
Jana Asselman, Karel De Schamphelaere, Michael Eckerstorfer and Stuart Marshall
For the first time, SETAC and the UK Environmental Omics Synthesis Center (iEOS) organized a joint focused topic meeting on environmental and (eco)toxicological omics and epigenetics. The meeting was held in Ghent, Belgium, from 12–15 September.


Edward R. LongIn Memoriam: Edward R. Long
Don MacDonald and Chris Ingersoll
On 6 October, the field of sediment quality assessment lost one of its founding fathers after a brief illness. Ed was a great mentor and friend to all he met, with an easy going personality, sharp sense of humor and a wry grin.


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IEAM volume 12, issue 4What’s New in IEAM
Lessons from the construction of a climate change adaptation plan: A Broads wetland case study
R Kerry Turner, Maria Giovanna Palmieri, Tiziana Luisetti
Volume 12, Issue 4
ET&C cover 35:12What's new in ET&C
Interactions between Bt crops and aquatic ecosystems: A review
Hermoine J. Venter, Thomas Bøhn
Volume 35, Issue 12


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