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11 August 2016
Volume 17 Issue 8

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Boost Your Network Savvy by Participating in NASAC’s Student Activities in Orlando

Marianna Brown-Augustine, Associate Member, North America Student Advisory Council (NASAC)


Feeling lucky? We hope so! Whether you feel lucky or not, research on networking suggests the key to career success hinges on being connected to a network of people. So get connected! To get started, we encourage you to particpate in the amazing NASAC student activities program of the 7th SETAC World Congress/SETAC North America 37th Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida.

To win, you’ve got to play. And the winners are...


Start with the leadership professional training course “Communication and Collaboration: A Scientist’s Guide to Improving Professional Presence and Leadership in Any Setting” on Sunday afternoon. The course showcases scientific skills useful for team building and problem solving. It will also demonstrate how emotional intelligence can build confidence and reinforce professional presence, and how to create an individaul development plan or career road map.


Reddit AMA logoMake sure to stop by the SETAC Square between 2 and 4 p.m. to participate in the SETAC Reddit Ask Me Anything. At this event, students work with experts to answer questions posted by an online audience about a wide array of environmental issues. This is a great opportunity for students – particularly those interested in science communication and outreach – to exercise their growing expertise in environmental toxicology and chemistry.

Network the night away at the Annual Student/Mentor Dinner (pre-registration required) on Monday night! This is the time for students to mingle with SETAC members in academia, business and government. Discuss scientific topics, ask questions about graduate programs and share career experiences, all while enjoying great food. Sign up for this event soon. These $10 tickets go fast!


Kate SellersStop by the Exhibit Hall for the Career Navigation Event (pre-registration required) for a great opportunity to get feedback on your résumé and to “ask the experts” career questions about business, academia and government. Afterward, enjoy a catered lunch at the Noontime Seminar (pre-registration required), which is sponsored by Colgate-Palmolive. The featured presentation is from Kate Sellers, speaking on “Hindsight May Be 20/20. How Good Is Our Foresight?” Expect an engaging presentation with recommendations for decision-making with an eye to environmental consequences. This event is FREE for all students!

Give your brain a break after the sessions and meet that circle of friends! Purchase your ticket for the Student Mixer at Club 39 in Orlando while registering online (or go to the SETAC Store to add it to your existing registration). Tickets are $25 and include two drinks. Have a good time meeting new people and listening to music in a great party atmosphere at the Rosen Plaza Hotel (your fun tropical t-shirt is optional). This year, we have selected a large venue with both indoor and outdoor spaces. Have fun and build SETAC friendships at the Student Mixer!

Finally, be sure to check the program for the many opportunities to meet with NASAC members throughout the week at the Student Corner in the exhibit hall. And while you’re packing your suitcase (don’t forget your charger), consider becoming more involved in NASAC next year. We need you!

There are plenty of details available on all of the student activites planned for Orlando on the meeting website.

Be sure to follow the Students of SETAC on Twitter and Facebook.

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