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11 August 2016
Volume 17 Issue 8

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Support a Successful SETAC World Congress

Karina Miglioranza and Bill Goodfellow, Co-Chairs, 7th SETAC World Congress/SETAC North America 37th Annual Meeting Fundraising Subcommittee

Providing financial support aside of the registration fees for an annual meeting is often thought to be provided by individuals and organizations that can offer larger financial contributions. However, while large contributions are always appreciated, SETAC is a grass roots organization. It's strength comes from its members, who are truly committed to providing excellent scientific programming and giving their time and experience to students and early career professionals.

This year’s request for student travel awards was at an all-time high. This large number of requests stretched SETAC North America’s ability to meet all of the needs of our students and early career professionals. While we were able to provide considerably more awards than were budgeted for 2016, SETAC had to figure out other ways to make sure we pay it forward for the next generation of SETAC members. There is also a need to support important networking activities for them. Therefore, we would like to request your support. We are looking for persons or organizations that might be interested in supporting our various programming and student and early career professional programming. Many items, such as students travel or student networking, coffee breaks, poster socials, etc., are in need of support, and any donation you are willing to make can benefit these or other activities at the meeting (simply note any specific area you'd like to support in the comments box).

We, as individuals, often think that since we don’t have the ability to make a large donation, the little bit we might be able to or willing to donate is not enough to make a difference. But smaller individual contributions can add up fast and collectively make a big difference in programs like the ones previously mentioned. So we encourage you to consider making an individual contribution.

We all need to come together to ensure the success of the 7th SETAC World Congress/SETAC North America 37th Annual Meeting this November in Orlando, Florida. To make it easy for you to donate, just click on the donation button, which takes you directly to the landing page for donation. Remember, any donation whether it be small, medium or large can make a difference.

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If you are a representative of a company, university, agency or organization, we can help promote your organization through a variety of sponsorship opportunities, from general meeting contributions to more directed sponsorship programs such as coffee breaks, poster socials, plenary speakers and the Women in SETAC Luncheon, to name a few. All of these opportunities come with visible acknowledgement of your organizations to the conference attendees. And if you would like to more visibly display what your company or organization has to offer, there still is limited exhibit space available.

If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact Karina Miglioranza or Bill Goodfellow, or call the SETAC office at 850-469-1500 ext. 108.

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