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10 September 2015
Volume 16 Issue 9

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Financial Update from the SETAC North America Endowment Fund Trustees

Gene Mancini, Board of Trustees, SETAC North America Endowment Fund

Endowment Fund

As a member of the Board of Trustees for the SETAC North America Endowment Fund, I’m pleased to report that the invested principal in the fund currently stands at nearly US$200,000! A portion of the earnings is used to support society activities on an annual basis (e.g., meeting participation awards for students and early career environmental science and engineering faculty). We’ve got matching gift and challenge grant commitments to the fund from members for 2015, and we will continue fundraising activities throughout the year and at the SETAC Salt Lake City meeting in November. We’d like to thank all of you for your contributions, and we’d like to encourage even greater commitments to enable support for additional SETAC North America activities and projects in 2015 and beyond. We will provide more detail regarding use of your endowment resources in a Globe article next month prior to our Salt Lake meeting. The SETAC North America Endowment Fund is able to accept contributions including pledged or phased contributions over time periods preferred by members.

Your SETAC North America Endowment Fund was established in 2005 and through a combination of current, future and planned gifts, is intended to continuously accumulate investment principal to annually generate investment interest, dividends and related proceeds for the purposes of supporting technical, scientific and educational activities consistent with the society’s mission. The annual proceeds from the invested principal of the endowment fund are intended to sustain our society and to support activities encouraging responsible environmental management decision-making informed by sound environmental science principles. The appointed Board of Trustees for the fund will be responsible for annually maintaining and enhancing the fund principal while committing investment proceeds to relevant and appropriate society projects and activities.

The Board of Trustees tries to maintain a sector balance; however, most government agencies are not allowed to take part in activities such as the endowment fund. To overcome this concern, we regularly consult with individuals from this sector to make sure their voices are being heard. The current SETAC North America Endowment Fund Board of Trustees are:

  • Ruth Hull, Intrinsik Environmental Sciences, Inc.
  • Doug Fort, Fort Environmental Laboratories, Inc.
  • Bill Goodfellow, Exponent, Inc.
  • Cindy Howard, University of Houston, Clear Lake
  • Steve Klaine, Clemson University
  • Kurt Maier, East Tennessee State University
  • Gene Mancini, E.R. Mancini & Associates
  • Paul Mehrle, CardnoENTRIX
  • David Ownby, Towson University

In these early years, the endowment fund has provided support to student members to participate in meetings, and we have also committed resources to expand SETAC membership. With proper strategic financial management and continuing  member contributions, the endowment fund principal will continuously grow, generating annual support for worthy projects including student functions, specialty symposia, sessions, briefings and annual meeting activities that are consistent with the society’s mission. The amount of annual support depends upon the size of our fund.

How You Can Help
If you would like to support the endowment fund with a tax-deductible contribution, you can do so by check or credit card as directed below. You can also make a contribution when paying your annual dues, registering for the annual meeting or while attending specific annual meeting events. Contributions by U.S. members qualify as tax-deductible under the IRS code.

Contributions can be made online or by check mailed to the SETAC North America office. You can also add specified funds to your annual dues payment or on-site at the annual meeting.

Donate Online

Checks for the SETAC North America Endowment Fund may be made payable to SETAC North America and mailed to the attention of:
Greg Schiefer
229 South Baylen St., 2nd Floor
Pensacola, FL 32502

If you have any questions about the fund, please contact Greg Schiefer, SETAC North America Executive Director, or , Ruth Hull, SETAC North America Endowment Fund Board of Trustees.

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