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SETAC Globe: Five Years as a Successful Digital Publication
John Toll
John TollIt was five years ago this month that I wrote my first article as editor-in-chief of the then new electronic Globe.  Time flies when you’re having fun. Now here I am writing one last article wearing my editor’s hat.  I’m honored to have the chance to don it again, having handed over the reins to Bill and Tim at the end of 2014.

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10 September 2015
Greg SchieferSETAC North America Executive Director’s Corner
Greg Schiefer
While attending a Pellston workshop last week, we had a brief discussion about influential people in our lives and how they changed the direction of our professional interests and careers.  I think everyone has experienced something like that but in almost all cases it starts with face-to-face interactions, including the kind that happens in the hallways, at poster socials and during evening outings at SETAC Meetings.  It’s hard to overstate the importance of such networking opportunities but it’s also hard to use that as justification for why you need to attend SETAC meetings to enhance your professional development and research programs. 

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SETAC Salt Lake CitySETAC Salt Lake City–The “Buzz” of Excitement is Growing
Carrie Claytor and Elin Ulrich
This year's meeting theme, “Buzzing with Science: Cross-Pollination for Environmental Progress,” reflects the meeting location (Utah’s nickname is the Beehive State), an active area of SETAC research (pollinator health), and a strategy for solving environmental problems (cross-disciplinary approaches). Our technical program reflects this theme through robust, diverse, and environmentally-relevant topics.

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SETAC Salt Lake CityA Look Ahead: Excellent Professional Opportunities at SETAC Salt Lake City
Michelle Hornberger
The SETAC Career Development Committee (CDC) has some exciting events planned for our annual meeting this year in Salt Lake City (SLC). There are a number of opportunities to network with your peers, mentor younger scientists and gain a fresh perspective on your career.

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SETAC Africa crowd fundingSupport Environmental Research in Africa – New Efforts Towards Student Travel
Jen Lynch
SETAC has set up travel grants to help subsidize the cost of attending scientific conferences in Africa for students, where they have the opportunity to present their research, get valuable feedback from experts in their field, make important connections and attend training courses. Unfortunately, the grants don't go far enough and we need your support. Please take a moment to read the compelling stories from two of our SETAC Africa student members.

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SETAC ArgentinaSETAC Latin America Argentina Chapter 5th Congress Recap
Andres Venturino, Damian Marino and Fabi Lo Nostro
More than 300 professionals, undergraduate and postgraduate students, scientists and representatives of Argentinean industry, academic institutions and government offices met from 22-25 October 2014 at the 5th Congress SETAC Argentinian Chapter.

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Senior Resource GroupSETAC Senior Resource Group Highlight
Matthew Moore
Barbara Walton, a charter member of SETAC, is also one of the founding members of SETAC’s Senior Resource Group (SRG). The SRG’s mission is to identify, cultivate, and mentor future SETAC leaders, as well as document the society’s history and evolution of environmental science.

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Endowment FundYour SETAC North America Endowment Fund
Gene Mancini
As a member of the Board of Trustees for your SETAC North America Endowment Fund, I’m pleased to report that the invested principal in your Fund currently stands at nearly $200,000! A portion of the earnings from these funds is used to support Society activities.

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SETAC Journals
What's New in IEAM
A tiered assessment framework to evaluate human health risk of contaminated sediment
Ben K. Greenfield, Aroon R. Melwani and Steven M. Bay
(Volume 11, Issue 3)

What's New in ET&C
Mercury and selenium accumulation in the Colorado River food web, Grand Canyon, USA
David M. Walters, Emma Rosi-Marshall, Theodore A Kennedy, Wyatt F. Cross and Colden V. Baxter
(Early View)
SETAC Salt Lake City Registration
Donate an item to be auctioned off during the silent auction at SETAC Salt Lake! The proceeds are used to fund student activities. Successful past auction items have included handcrafts, jewelry, artwork, photographs, t-shirts, hats, office supplies, electronic devices and food items. Items with a regional or nature theme usually do well. Think small or lightweight since most successful bidders will need to pack their item into a suitcase to take it home. Find out more about the silent auction.

ET&C and IEAM are seeking nominations for editors and editorial board members for the 2016–2018 term. Candidates should be experienced reviewers able to undertake their duties in a timely and responsive manner. The deadline to nominate is 15 September.

Early registration ends 29 September for the 11th SETAC Europe Special Science Symposium, which will be conducted from 20–21 October in Brussels, Belgium. The symposium will focus on “Global Environmental Change and Mercury Pollution: Environmental Governance, Research and Management of Converging Issues.” Poster abstracts can be submitted until 21 September.
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