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8 October 2015
Volume 16 Issue 10

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Joint SETAC and Society for Risk Analysis Roundtable on Scientific Integrity in Publications

Charles Menzie, SETAC Global Executive Director

SETAC and the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) are sponsoring a joint roundtable on “Scientific Integrity in Publications” during the Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting, which will be held from 6-10 December in Arlington, Virginia. The roundtable will be held from 9:45–11:15 a.m. on Wednesday, 9 December, in Room DE. Pamela Williams of SRA will chair the roundtable, and Charlie Menzie, SETAC Global Executive Director, will be the moderator.

Session Abstract
The leadership of scientific societies, journal editors, publishers and the public have expressed concerns about the integrity and reliability of scientific writings and presentations. At a time when it is critical for scientists to be heard and be part of informing important decisions, there may be an erosion in confidence. Then, there are cases where there is cause for concern. The rush to publish, the need to secure funds for future research or to support an initiative, and even the human need to be recognized for having said something important can all influence the topic, what is said about it, and how that message is presented. Not surprisingly, “positive results” are greatly favored over “negative results,” despite the importance of the latter. This round table brings together representatives from SETAC and SRA to discuss the complex topic of how scientific societies with journals can contribute to sustaining scientific integrity. Panelists will include the journal editors, a representative from the journal's publisher, Wiley, and past presidents from both societies. The panelists will provide brief prepared remarks and then will be asked to address several critical questions posed by the moderator and audience. A summary perspective will be provided at the close of the session.


  • Charles Menzie, Moderator
  • Robin Cantor, Summation
  • Tony Cox, Editor, Risk Analysis
  • Rick Wenning, Editor, IEAM
  • Wayne Landis, SRA/SETAC
  • Rick Reiss, Past President, SRA
  • Bill Goodfellow, Past President, SETAC
  • Representative from Wiley to be announced

SETAC has recently formed the Scientific Integrity Subcommittee under the Communications Committee to explore ways to become more engaged on this issue and what additional actions the society should take. The subcommittee will be meeting from 9:30–10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, 4 November, in room 250 CF at the SETAC Salt Lake City meeting. This subcommittee is under the leadership of Anne Fairbrother. Other committee members include Rick Scroggins, Lorraine Maltby, Mike McLaughlin, John Sumpter, Pat Guiney and Bill Goodfellow.

This recently organized subcommittee will work closely with our Global Communications Committee. If you would like additional information, please reach out to Anne Fairbrother, Pat Guiney, SETAC World Council Vice President, or Bill Goodfellow, Global Communications Committee Chair.

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