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19 November 2015
Volume 16 Issue 11

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SETAC North America 2015 Award Winners

Diane Nacci, SETAC North America Awards Committee

The 2015 SETAC North America awards were presented at the opening ceremony of the SETAC North America 36th Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah. This year’s awards included the Eugene Kenaga SETAC Membership Award, SETAC/Menzie Education Award, SETAC/Government Service Award, Outstanding Regional Chapter Award, SETAC/EA Jeff Black Fellowship and Student Travel Awards.

Professional Awards

Eugene Kenaga SETAC Membership Award
Paul Sibley, School of Environmental Sciences, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Paul Sibley has a long history of activity on the SETAC North America Membership Committee. He has been on the committee continuously since 2001 and was chair from 2002–2004. Through multiple new initiatives, Sibley, along with others on the Membership Committee, have been able to increase membership in the past decade and increase services to existing members. Examples of these new initiatives included development of the membership database, a new member breakfast at the annual meeting, working with the Career Development Committee on mentoring opportunities, and student career training. Sibley continues to provide guidance on membership through participation in the SETAC North America Membership Committee. From 2012–2015, Sibley also served as a Co-Chair of the SETAC North America Public Outreach Committee and has annually participated as a mentor in student career events at SETAC North America meetings. Sibley also served as President of the SETAC North America Board of Directors and the SETAC World Council.   

SETAC/Menzie Education Award
Kenneth Sajwan, Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences, Savannah State University, Savannah, Georgia

Kenneth Sajwan’s primary duties at Savannah State University (SSU) include directing the environmental science program and teaching environmental science courses at the undergraduate level. Sajwan is an excellent academic advisor, mentor and recruiter of students. He increased the enrollment in the university’s environmental science program from nine students in 1992 to more than seventy students in 2014. He has developed seven new courses for the environmental science curriculum. He has a strong record of working with his students at the undergraduate level, particularly with African-American students and underrepresented communities. Sajwan established a successful Mentoring Environmental Scholars (MES) program at SSU. He has mentored more than fifty minority undergraduates who were selected nation-wide for summer research internships, with several students continuing their higher education to achieve their master and doctorate degrees. 

SETAC/Government Service Award
Fengchang Wu, Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Science (CRAES), Beijing China

Fengchang Wu is Deputy Engineer General of the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (CRAES), Director of the State Key Laboratory of Environmental Criteria and Risk Assessment, and the Director of the State Environmental Protection Key Laboratory of Lake Pollution Control where he plays a leading role in all aspects of study of environmental effects and setting standards and developing policies, techniques and solutions in China. Wu has been recognized by the Chinese government with some of the top awards given to government officials. In 2012, he won the first prize for the National Environmental Protection Science and Technology Awards, received from the Premier of China. He has also had a great impact on policy at the local, state, national and international levels. He travels to various regions of China to assess pollution and then teacent the way to pront the way to protect the natural environment, assess environmental quality, and try to reduce the impact of human activities on the natural environment. He also works with industry to show them ways to reduce emissions of pollutants generated during manufacturing. Wu has had a long, prolific and distinguished government service career.  

Outstanding Regional Chapter Award
David J. Kent, David Kent Consulting, Washington DC

David Kent has been active in the SETAC North America Chesapeake-Potomac Regional Chapter (CPRC) for the last 22 years. He has served the CPRC in every possible leadership role and devoted an unusually large amount of his professional and personal time to advance SETAC’s mission in the region. He has served as a board officer (Chapter Secretary 1997–1999, Treasurer 2003–2005, Vice President 2000 and 2012, and President 2001 and 2013), and was the newsletter editor for 9 years. He has played major roles in organizing a variety of activities ranging from meetings to recruiting new members, and he has helped rescue and sustain the chapter during some times of low membership. In addition to his service to the CPRC, Kent served as Co-chair for the SETAC North America Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, in 2005.


SETAC/EA Jeff Black Fellowship
Timothy Bock, Rhode Island College, Providence, Rhode Island

This fellowship is offered to students starting their professional journey. Only master’s students who have been accepted to or are participating in an environmental science or engineering program at a college or university are eligible. Timothy Bock is a Master of Science student, who provides a great example of a student who didn't give up. As he describes in his application, he re-focused earlier efforts and is currently on a path to being an exemplary scientist. Letters of recommendation written on his behalf highlight his commitment and dedication, and speak well of Bock as well as the faculty of his college, which has a strong commitment to mentoring and the development of young scientists.

Student Travel Awards

This year, a total of 108 students were supported with travel awards; this includes 3 whose travel award was supported by the SETAC North America Endowment Fund. Of these students, 10 were undergraduates, 36 were master’s candidates, 58 were Ph.D. candidates, and 4 were provided minority travel funding. 

In addition to the awards announced at the opening ceremony, best platform and poster presentations for 2015 were announced at the closing ceremony. These award winners will be presented in a later issue of the Globe

We are proud of our SETAC members and their accomplishments. Please join us in celebrating their achievements.

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