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16 April 2015
Volume 16 Issue 4

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Join SETAC Australasia in Nelson, New Zealand

Louis Tremblay, Conference Chair

The 2015 SETAC Australasia Conference will be held from 25–28 August in Nelson, New Zealand. The theme is “System Approach to Environmental Management” and recognizes the continuity of environmental processes in space and time, an ambitious concept that can enable us to better manage the environment and contribute to the development of more sustainable solutions.

SETAC Australaisa meeting

The theme is underpinned by our conference logo with strong local flavours and Māori and other Pacific cultures. The three kape (circles) inserted into the bottom border have dual significance: the productivity of our biosphere and the three aspects of the ecosystem, water, land and air.

Nelson is located on the northern tip of the South Island and is a popular destination as it captures some of the true essence of the Kiwi lifestyle. Nelson is a key centre for aquaculture in New Zealand and offers many examples of industry working closely with research providers to minimize environmental impacts.

A few workshops will be held prior to the conference including the Global Horizon Scanning Research Prioritization Project (GHSP) Australasian workshop and a workshop sponsored by the New Zealand Environmental Protection Authority. Please visit to get an overview of the program and workshops. Abstract submissions close on 1 June and early bird registrations on 1 July.

The 2015 SETAC Australasia conference organizing committee looks forward to seeing in Nelson, New Zealand!

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