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19 March 2015
Volume 16 Issue 3

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SETAC BarcelonaJoin the 25th Anniversary Celebration at SETAC Barcelona

Mónica Amorim, SETAC Europe President

The SETAC Europe annual meeting is getting closer, and we warmly invite you to the 25th anniversary party! Come and celebrate with us in Barcelona, Spain, where we have prepared a special gathering at the opening ceremony on Sunday, 3 May, in the fiesta area in the exhibit hall.

We will reminisce on the twenty five years that have passed since the first SETAC Europe meeting, revisiting important events and toasting influential forebears, while looking ahead to the next 25 years. We'll serve delicious Spanish food and drinks such as Galician empanadas, Cava and Santiago almond cake for desert. Then dance your way back to the early days of SETAC Europe with hits from the ’80s and ’90s.

SETAC Europe 1990Sunday, 3 May is a day to look forward to! Anniversaries are best celebrated with family and friends, and on behalf of the 25th Anniversary Committee, we invite you all to join us and share your adventures from the last 25 years. We promise you’ll be happily surprised and entertained with the fiesta we have planned.

And remember, the 8 April deadline to register for the meeting in advance is coming up quickly. Make sure you mark your attendance to the birthday party!

On behalf of the 25th Anniversary Committee,
Mónica Amorim, Carlos Barata and Joke Van Wensem

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