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19 March 2015
Volume 16 Issue 3

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Attend a SETAC North America Regional Chapter Meeting

Bryan Brooks, SETAC Regional Chapter Liaison

As 2015 progresses, the time for SETAC North America Regional Chapter meetings is quickly approaching. For the two meetings that have already past, the Midwest and Carolinas conferences, we encourage you to check out their meeting programs and abstract books. For upcoming meetings, here's a list of the meetings scheduled for this year. We hope this helps you plan attend the meeting in your region or maybe inspires you to attend these meetings if your personal or work travel brings you to the area.

Past Meetings

Midwest Regional Chapter

Midwest Regional Chapter Meeting

Joint Meeting with The Northland Chapter of the Society of Toxicology
9–11 March, USEPA Mid-Continent Ecology Division Laboratory, Duluth, MN
Download the meeting program and abstract book
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Carolinas Regional Chapter

Carolinas Regional Chapter Meeting

12–14 March, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC
Download the meeting program and abstract book
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Upcoming Meetings

Rocky Mountain Reg Chapter

28th Annual Rocky Mountain Chapter Meeting

16–17 April, USGS Fort Collins Science Center, Fort Collins, CO
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Hudson Delaware Reg Chapter

Hudson-Delaware Annual Spring Meeting

20–21 April, Rutgers University, Cook Campus, New Brunswick, NJ
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Southern Cali Chapter

Southern California Regional Chapter Meeting

21–22 April, The Plaza at Cabrillo Marina, San Pedro, CA
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Chesapeake Potomac Reg Chapter

Chesapeake-Potomac Annual Spring Meeting

24 April, Robinson Nature Center, Columbia, MD
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NorCal Reg Chapter

Northern California 25th Annual Meeting

29–30 April, California USEPA Building, Sacramento
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Pacific NW Reg Chapter

Pacific Northwest 24th Annual Meeting

30 April–2 May, Courtyard Marriott, Portland, OR
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Ozark Prairie Reg Chapter

Ozark-Prairie Regional Chapter Meeting

18–20 May, St. Louis, MO
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South Central Reg Chapter

South Central Regional Chapter Meeting

28–30 May, University of Louisiana, Lafayette, LA
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Prairie Northern Reg Chapter

6th Prairie Northern Chapter Annual General Meeting and Conference

4–5 June, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta
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North Atlantic Reg Chapter

North Atlantic Chapter 21st Annual Meeting and Short Course

10–12 June, Hilton Garden Inn Freeport Downtown, Freeport, ME
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Saint Laurent Reg Chapter

Saint-Laurent 19th Annual Chapter Meeting

11–12 June, Delta Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
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Laurentian Reg Chapter

Laurentian Chapter Meeting

19 June, Ottawa, Ontario
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