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Join the 25th Anniversary Celebration at SETAC Barcelona
Mónica Amorim
Barnett Rattner The SETAC Europe annual meeting is now getting closer, and we would like to invite you to the 25th anniversary party! Come and celebrate with us in Barcelona, where we have prepared a special gathering at the opening ceremony. Twenty-five years have passed since the first SETAC Europe meeting took place, and it will be time to celebrate and revisit some of the most important events, people and a lot more.

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19 March 2015
SETAC VancouverNoteworthy Talks to View Again and Again
Sarah Bowman
You have heard by now that SETAC North America began recording select sessions in Nashville and continued this new endeavor in Vancouver. These digital recordings of select platform presentations offer an easy way to catch up on the research you missed while at the annual meeting or keep you up to date on subjects that might interest you even though you were not able to attend the annual meeting.

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Barcelona, SpainA Brief Primer on Publishing
Jen Lynch
Once upon a time, scientific publications were an expensive product for an elite audience. Findings were published in books and journals that could only be found in top universities or in private libraries of other privileged scientists, and sometimes even in code, so only trusted colleagues could make sense of it. The Globe will be running a regular series of articles providing a behind the scenes look at SETAC and publishing.

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SingaporeSETAC Supports SRA Fourth World Congress
Robin Cantor
SETAC is a sponsor of the fourth World Congress on Risk 2015 being held in Singapore from 19-23 July under the auspices of the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA). It will gather international risk analysts and practitioners from around the world. The theme for the congress is “Risk Analysis for Sustainable Innovation.”

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North America Regional ChaptersAttend a SETAC North America Regional Chapter Meeting
Bryan Brooks
As 2015 progresses, the time for SETAC North America Regional Chapter meetings are quickly approaching. We want to encourage you to attend the regional chapter meeting of the region in which you are located. To help you better plan for attending one of these meetings, we wanted to provide you with a list of the meeting scheduled for this year.

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AROSOS Workshop Highlights from the Battelle Sediment Conference
Carrie Cantor
“Billion Is the New Million,” “The Biology of Bioavailability” and “How much Data” were among the topics discussed at the recent Eighth International Conference on Remediation and Management of Contaminated Sediments in New Orleans, Louisianna. This meeting, commonly referred to as the Battelle Sediments Conference, highlighted the ongoing work of practitioners across many disciplines, all of which converge in investigating and remediating contaminated sediment sites. As evidenced by the large number of SETAC members in attendance, these disciplines overlap with several SETAC practice areas.

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Taylor and Francis
Save the date for the SETAC Europe 11th Special Science Symposium, which will be held from 20–21 October 2015 in Brussels, Belgium. The theme is “Global Environmental Change and Mercury Pollution: Environmental Governance, Research and Management of Converging Issues.”

SETAC Barcelona is approaching quickly, and this is your last chance to submit a late poster presentation, apply for the science slam or book a meeting room.

Abstracts are now accepted for the SETAC North America 36th Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah, taking place from 1–5 November 2015. Submit your abstract today.

Registration is now open for the SETAC Latin America 11th Biennial Meeting in Buenos Aires, which will be held 7–10 September 2015 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Royal Society Publishing invites SETAC members to read “Assessing risks and impacts of pharmaceuticals in the environment on wildlife and ecosystems,” compiled and edited by Kathryn E Arnold, A Ross Brown, Gerald T Ankley and John P Sumpter. This content is free through March.
IEAM volume 11, issue 1 What's New in IEAM
Exposure and food web transfer of pharmaceuticals in ospreys (Pandion haliaetus): predictive model and empirical data
Rebecca S Lazarus, Barnett A Rattner, Bryan W Brooks, Bowen Du, Peter C McGowan, Vicki S Blazer and Mary Ann Ottinger
(Vol. 11, Issue 1)
ET&C cover, Volume 34, Issue 2 What's New in ET&C
A review of mercury concentrations in freshwater fishes of Africa: Patterns and predictors
Dalal EL Hanna, Christopher T Solomon, Amanda E Poste, David G Buck and Lauren J Chapman
(Vol. 34, Issue 2)
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