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18 June 2015
Volume 16 Issue 6

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Upcoming SETAC Africa Meeting

Patricia FAI, SETAC Africa President and SWC Representative

Note from the editors: The following article is designed to highlight the upcoming SETAC Africa meeting to be held in October. Materials to produce this article are from the SETAC Africa president’s report at Barcelona and from the SETAC Africa meeting website.

Since the last SETAC Africa meeting in Lusaka nearly two years ago, the GU has been focusing on regional activities to continue the growth of SETAC’s newest geographic unit. In January, a Central/West regional meeting was held in Nsukka, Nigeria and an online risk assessment course is in the planning stages.

The highlight of the year for SETAC Africa is the biennial conference, which will be held from 5–8 October 2015, in Langebaan, South Africa. This meeting will also be the site for the SETAC Africa Horizon Scanning Workshop to be held as part of the biennial conference. The meeting’s theme is "Identifying Knowledge Gaps and Research Priorities in Africa: A Pivot for Sustainable Environmental Development." Steve Klaine of Clemson University, Institute of Environmental Toxicology will be the keynote speaker. The call for abstracts is open until 1 August 2015. The scientific committee is looking for papers in the following subject areas:

  • Aquatic Toxicology and Ecology
  • Environmental and Analytical Chemistry
  • Genetically Modified Products and Sustainability
  • Integrated Environmental Assessment and Managemen
  • Linking Science and Social Issues
  • Terrestrial and Wildlife Toxicology and Ecology
  • Remediation and Restoration

SETAC Africa is excited to have another successful conference and hope that many of our members inside and outside of the region are able to participate. Additional information concerning the meeting can be found on SETAC’s webpage under annual meetings.

The development of programming such as the online Risk Assessment Course is SETAC Africa’s strategy to address the difficulties encountered by many of their members to regularly participate in regional and GU-wide meetings due to the high cost of transportation throughout Africa, currency exchange difficulties, as well as language challenges between regions and countries. By offering valuable programming in an on-line format, it will allow many members and potential members to participate in SETAC sponsored programming. SETAC’s Global Executive Director, Charlie Menzie, Ecological Risk Assessment Advisory Group members and many other individuals are pulling together this particular course. The desire is that short courses in other GUs may provide content and be excellent opportunities for future online course programming as SETAC Africa diversifies their scientific programming.

If you have any questions, would like additional information, or better yet, like to assist or volunteer for activities programming needs for the GU, please feel free to contact Patricia Fai, SETAC Africa President.

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